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    Quantified optimization for your website which makes business sense. I am a Qualified SEO professional with solid 9+ years of experience in developing SEO campaigns, Web Analytics, Keyword Research, Site...

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Qualified digital marketing professional with solid experience in developing digital media campaigns

Searching and Analyzing has been a hobby ever-since I got an internet connection on a Pentium 4 Desktop with 28 kb/s connection. This has chiseled my skill of searching while using the most phenomenal tool existing on the internet - Google.

I started my journey into the world wide web with a simple Blogspot blog, then Blogspot was not a part of Google as it is now. Today this blog has transformed into a self-hosted technology news website known as Your News Ticker.

As a writer and content developer at LetsByteCode, I have created and curated a website which has more than 18,000 pages indexed on Google. This website ranks for several keywords and boasts a traffic of about 2000+ unique daily visitors.

With that experience of Search Engine analysis I have managed to outrank many big time ecommerce websites, while ranking #1 for various keywords. Trendzy Street today gets 2500+ unique visitors daily, with a high conversion rate.

I have worn many hats in my career - Digital Evidence Analyst, Cyber Forensic Professional, Reverse Engineer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Researcher, Reporter, Online Marketer and Strategist, Administration & Logistics. As a result of this I have a unique skill to manage multidisciplinary projects and to take up complex challenges. But experience has taught me that my professional value boils down to the following:

- I have been blogging and keenly observing web trends over the past 9 years

- I have been experimenting on the search engine optimization front for quite a few years

- Social Media has become the new optimization

- I can curate and create exceptionally unique content for any industry

- I have Big Ideas

- Lots of people have Big Ideas, execution is what matters, and I execute

- I am the calm one

Tech talk, business talk or just for a hangout, I love making new professional acquaintances.

Specialties - Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing