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  • Ad Design
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  • Analytics
  • B2B Marketing
  • B2B Sales
  • B2B writing
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  • Facebook Media Buying

    $100/hr Starting at $2,000

    We have profitably spent over 50 million marketing dollars on Facebook and have years and years of experience behind us. We cover eCommerce, Lead Generation, and SaaS marketing.

    AdvertiseAnalyticsE CommerceFacebookFacebook Ads
  • Google Media Buying

    $100/hr Starting at $2,000

    We offer Google Ads services alongside Facebook. We’re experienced in constructing joint social + search strategies (multi-funnel approach) to lift up the brand image and overall performance. We’re well-versed...

    Ad DesignBrand LogoGoogle AccountsGoogle Ad ManagerGoogle Ads
  • Messenger Bots

    $100/hr Starting at $2,000

    Engage with your target customers directly and at a great cost with our chatbot marketing. If you have doubts about this channel, you probably don’t know that chatbot messages have a 70–80% open rate,...

    BotChatbotChatbot MarketingCustomer ServiceEngagement Marketing
  • LinkedIn

    $100/hr Starting at $2,000

    We can help you boost website traffic, leads and reach serious decision makers and high-level executives on LinkedIn. Due to the professional nature of the platform, your ads are likely to be taken more...

    B2B MarketingB2B SalesB2B writingLead GenerationLeads Generation
  • Video Editing

    $100/hr Starting at $2,000

    We have an in-house creative team that works together with our media buying team to provide the best-converting creative backed with data.

    Creative DesignEditingEditing for YouTubeHome DesignMedia Buying


Launch your Brand today! Digital Rocket is here to help you skyrocket your success with world leading digital marketing strategy and execution.

Our organization the most valuable product is to deliver high-quality leads and traffic which increases sales and profitability and an abundance of clients that we generate profits for with our paid advertising.

When it comes to leads, we generate a consistent and sustainable flow of qualified leads that converts into an increase in sales.

When it comes to Ecom, we generate an abundance of qualified traffic that increases profitable sales and revenue.

We have $50 million spent in campaigns for clients, $250 million of total sales driven directly by our activity and marketing with our clients, $16,003,267 Facebook Ad Spend in the last 12 months, and 257,458 of leads generated for all clients to date.

We have worked both with brands starting from scratch and with the well-established brands spending thousands/day all while hitting the desired KPI’s. We have experience in eCommerce (clothing, cosmetics, consumables, medical products, etc.), Lead Generation, SaaS, and more.

Our services include:

1. Facebook media buying

2. Google media buying

3. Messenger bots

4. Linkedin

5. Video editing

Founded: 2017

Meet the Team

  • Ivan Janku

    Ivan Janku


  • Milana Petkovic

    Milana Petkovic

    Internal Marketing

Work Terms

We are a full-time marketing team. Our preferred way of communication is via Zoom when it comes to calls with our clients. We also use Asana, Slack, and Basecamp on a daily base. When it comes to payment methods, we prefer Paypal.