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  • Sales Closer | Sales & Marketing Agency

    $250/hr Starting at $2,000

    I help Coaches, Consultants, & Entrepreneurs scale their businesses by exponentially increasing their conversion rates. Coaches, Consultants & Business owners contact me every day, not knowing how to...

    ConsultingEntrepreneurshipHelp DeskLead GenerationMarketing
  • Lead Generation | Social Media Marketing

    $50/hr Starting at $1,000

    Our specialty is Lead Generation. Regardless of your industry, we will connect you with your ideal prospect, people within your industry who are very likely to consume your product. The most interesting...

    Cold CallingCustomer ServiceHelp DeskLead GenerationMarketing


I help Coaches, Consultants, & Entrepreneurs scale their businesses by exponentially increasing their conversion rates.

My privilege is to help YOU scale and grow YOUR business by turning your warm leads into satisfied, long term customers, in the period of one interaction. Whether by phone, face 2 face, or video conference. One time, is all it takes.

A retired Air Force Vet, with over 20+ years of cold and warm sales experience, in multiple niches: Real Estate, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, coaching, consulting, music, sports, public speaking, food industry, home repair, household goods, and a few more. Of course, the leadership & management skills learned in life and death situations are part of active duty service.

An experienced sales closer, inbound sales expert, and B2B closer, with a demonstrated history of working with clients and products from all walks of life.

? I help close high ticket offers for successful businesses, coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs.
? Closing your products or services over the phone within 45 minutes or less.

? I am not your typical sales person.
? I convert your warm leads into dedicated and grateful clients
? By listening and understanding the pain of your clients, I bridge the gap from their pain to your solution.

? To be fully immersed in your product in order to fully understand the desires of your clients.
? I believe in commission based pay. If I don't make any money for you, I don't get paid.

? You have genuine products or services that brings life changing values to your client.
? You have a solid reputation in the industry you are in.
? You have consistent funnel and proven method of generating quality leads.
? Have a high ticket offer that is at least $2000.

Work Terms

Coaches, Consultants & Business owners contact me every day, not knowing how to start or scale their business…

Especially when it comes to sales conversions, lead generation, & the systems that they need to have in place.

They're doing...

- Cold Calling/Cold Emails
- Relying on Referrals
- Networking Events
- Door Knocking
- Building Complex Sales Funnels and Websites

And I understand.. This type of approach can be costly, ineffective, and disheartening

I used to do the same thing. Spending hours cold calling, sending emails, wasting time & money on outdated sales techniques and salesmen, being busy, but not productive, not knowing what would work

And to top it off, I couldn't grow my own business.

The truth is... it doesn’t have to be that way, if you are willing to evolve.

Charles Darwin once said: “it’s not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent who survives. But the ones most adaptable to change.”

The market has shifted

It has never been EASIER to increase conversions, attract great leads, & grow your business. Its literally one call away

I mean, there are time-tested techniques, strategies, & systems that have changed everything. You can.

? Leverage the expertise of others to evaluate &update your current strategies.

? Speak DIRECTLY to the heart of your ideal customer with extraordinary marketing & funnel systems.

? And your conversion rate is bolstered by engaging the services of TOP-NOCHED sales closers.

In a nutshell, you can streamline/improve your strategies, attract more ideal customers, & close more deals, without wasting more time or money.

And the best part?

Most entrepreneurs haven’t caught on.

Its a new way of business with endless opportunities.

I help people take advantage of these opportunities every day.

I show them how to grow their business by engaging experts to generate/close 10-30+ deals each month.

? To Learn More - Go to the link below for a Strategy Session: