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  • Customer Journey & UX Mapping

    $30/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and User Experience (UX) Journeys are very powerful research tools a company can use to identify root causes of customer issues, uncover opportunities to delight customers,...

    Business Growth StrategiesBusiness InsightsClient AnalysisClient GrowthClient Insight
  • Customer Lifetime Value

    $30/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    To know what your customers are worth over their entire lifetime is essential for your business because: This service will give you all these insights and highlight the opportunities to grow your business...

    Business Growth StrategiesBusiness InsightsClient AnalysisClient GrowthClient Insight
  • Customer Acquisition

    $30/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Many businesses, especially startups, focus on three key operation elements. They know they need the proper team, a product or service and a fit in the market. While these are all vitally important,...

    Business Growth StrategiesBusiness InsightsBusiness IntelligenceClient AnalysisClient Growth
  • Likelihood customer recommendation NPS

    $30/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    - Brand Promoters account for 80 percent of referrals in most businesses. - Brand Detractors account for 80 percent of negative word-of-mouth. - Brand Promoters generally defect at lower rates than...

    BrandingBusiness Growth StrategiesBusiness InsightsClient AnalysisClient Growth
  • Customer Experience Promise

    $30/hr Starting at $90 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The Customer Experience Statement is the focal point of a customer experience program. A Customer Experience Statement informs employees at all levels how to approach the decisions they make every day...

    Business InnovationBusiness InsightsBusiness IntelligenceClient AnalysisClient Growth


I help businesses to transform themselves through customer intelligence and improving customer experience as this is the only true differentiator

I hold a masters degree in Business, Mathematics and Informatics and is a certified customer experience manager. I worked in large corporates for 15 years before starting my own company and freelancing 3 years ago.

I'm comfortable in the strategic, tactical and operational environments and also very delivery focused. I hold myself to very high standards and ensure that value is added.

I consult to start-ups, medium and very large corporates both locally and internationally and would love to help you solve business challenges.

Specific skills: Excel & PowerPoint; Data management & analysis; Customer & market research, Survey design, report writing & eBook writing; risk management; auditing; customer journey mapping; customer experience management and measurement; customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, cross-sell and penetration; customer capital

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