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  • Social Media Marketing

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    Create and build up your social media business profiles. Building reputation and trustability among your potential customers. You don't have followers yet, you say? Well, then we need to start with...

    AdvertisingBrandingCampaign PlanningCreativeFinancial Planning
  • Give the loyalty or gift card a try

    $5/hr Starting at $50

    I design elegant and customized gift cards with your logos on it for your business. Not only will you see a return on your investment but it's a great way to get more people who never new about you in...

    Business Card DesignDesignGreeting Card DesignLogo DesignLoyalty Program
  • Marketing Services

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    • Website Creation I can get you started on the theme and framwork overall look of websites. To add the content and monitor website traffic and etc is an extra cost. Create your end to end campaign...

    AdvertisingBrandingCampaign PlanningContent WritingCreative
  • New ONLINE? Rebranding Services

    $5/hr Starting at $25

    Let us brand you across the internet and get you some brand awareness if you are just starting out for the first time with digital marketing any business online/ And if you are new to the online experience...

  • Content Development and Strategy

    $5/hr Starting at $25

    Daily or weekly updates with content development services to your websites, blogs, ad copy, marketing.

    AdvertisingAdvertising CopyBlog WritingContent ManagementContent Writing


I help overwhelmed business owners get a return on their marketing investments, so they can build the business of their dreams.

Hello, my name is Melissa,

I have over 8 years experience in marketing/sales. 10 year's in customer service.
I spent almost 3 of these years with a non-profit called Teen Challenge Ministry Institute.

I did my marketing through out many cities in California sharing with people my story. I did this marketing and outreach help promote the program.and share about the love of Jesus Christ. In return people would make contributions to help pay for my tuition and help save other lives.

I was able to raise all of my tuition within 6 months of $6,000 as this was only 20% of the funds that came out of the money I earned. Therefore I earned much more than this. Not only am I qualified to market but I know how to close the deal and get conversions.

After that marketing position ended I went on to work for 2 world class marketing companies.One I was promoted and the other I achieved the highest performance rate above all my employees. With my promotion I became the hiring and training manager given the liberty to run it like it was my own business.

I am self -motivated and I have the ability to be a good manager. it is my deepest passion and drive to bring successful marketing strategies that line with. your core values and focus on the goal at hand.

I believe in working with what you have and since last year I had to take care of my grandmother but also needed to earn money to pay the bills.

So I bought my laptop for a $100 and started going to work. While I have tried many other things online I had to stick with what I am good at. Marketing.

I just want to help people succeed in their businesses.

I have spent over one year learning digital markeitng and have the experience to run campagins through social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedln.

I am a hard worker and guarantee my work.

Thank you for reading my bio and I hope you will contact me so we can see if I am a good fit for your company as your social media marketing manager.

Work Terms

I have openings for new clients, and will send you a new client questionaire if you select me. In this questionare I will assess your businesses current marketing efforts and what we can do to help reach your marketing goals.

I will also mail you a services and prices page. Just let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

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