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All-Time Transaction Data

All-Time Transaction Data is a compilation of a Freelancer’s work history on Guru. Employers can use this data to evaluate Freelancer’s performance on Guru and suitability for their job.

Each time a Freelancer gets paid on Guru, the transaction details get added to their All-Time Transaction Data. All-Time Transaction Data includes the following:

  • All-time earnings – The total amount earned by the Freelancer from all the jobs successfully invoiced on Guru. The higher the all-time earnings, the more successful the Freelancer has been on Guru.
  • Earnings in the last 12 months – The total amount earned by the Freelancer in the last 12 months. This indicates the Freelancer’s recent activity on the platform.
  • Number of Employers worked for – The number of Employers the Freelancer has worked with on Guru to date. Working successfully with multiple Employers suggests the Freelancer can adapt easily to a variety of working relationships.
  • Total number of paid invoices – The number of times the Freelancer has been paid for various jobs on Guru.
  • Largest Employer – The highest total earnings a Freelancer has made from a single Employer. This indicates both the scale and responsibility the Freelancer can deliver on.
  • Date of Joining Guru – How long the Freelancer has been a member of Guru. This puts the other transaction data in perspective.

In the absence of All-Time Transaction Data, we display ID Verification status of the Freelancer with the Quote they send. This gives Freelancers with no transaction history on Guru an opportunity to establish credibility.

How All-Time Transaction Data helps Employers

Employers can filter Freelancers by their All-Time Transaction Data and also see it as a part of their Profiles on the Find Freelancers search results. It is also shown along with the Quotes that Freelancers send. All-Time Transaction Data provides insights into a Freelancer’s transaction volume, size, and scale of operation. It helps you understand the credibility and performance of the Freelancer and along with information on their services and portfolios, helps you make the right hiring decision.

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