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Understanding a Quote

A Quote broadly helps you understand the Freelancer’s approach to the job and how they prefer to get paid. However, the terms set in the Quote are negotiable and you can finalize based on your discussions with the Freelancer.

A Quote consists of the following:

Payment Terms

Freelancers, can choose from four different Payment terms to express their preferred way of getting paid. To know more about Payment terms, click here.

In case they are not sure, they can also send a “Placeholder Bid.” This indicates that they would like to discuss further before sending you a more definite Payment term.

Depending on the Payment term selected, the Quote will also contain details of the billing cycle and costs.

SafePay Balance

SafePay balance determines the minimum amount the Freelancer would like in the SafePay account before initiating work. SafePay balance can either be governed by the Agreement or the Freelancer can suggest a custom amount.


AutoPay is a payment feature that allows Employers to automatically pay invoices using funds in SafePay within a fixed time period from the invoice due date.

The Quote will specify whether AutoPay is required or not. In case it is required, it would mention the number of days after which the invoice must get paid automatically.

Scope of Work

Freelancers can detail out their understanding of the job, their solution, relevant files, specific deliverables, timelines and overall project plan.

Split Job Fee

Freelancers on Guru pay a nominal fee for our services on every paid invoice. This job fee ranges from 5% to 9% on the invoice amount, depending on the Freelancer’s membership. The Freelancer, while submitting a Quote, can specify how they’d like to split their job fee with the Employer.

Work Updates

This is the frequency with which the Freelancer would share updates regarding progress on the job.

Private Transaction

If a job demands, Freelancer can request to make it private. In case of a private transaction, details of the transaction do not get added to the Freelancers’ All-Time Transaction Data and the Employers’ Stats. Also, neither party can leave feedback on that transaction.


  • The terms set in the Quote are Freelancer’s preferred terms. You can choose to accept these terms or discuss with the Freelancer to edit the Quote and arrive at the final terms mutually.

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