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Once your job is posted, you will start receiving Quotes from Freelancers within hours. Freelancers send Quotes to express their interest in your job and may include their approach to delivering the job and their preferred Payment term. You can evaluate Quotes you receive from multiple Freelancers and initiate discussion with the ones that best fit your requirements.

A Quote is only an indication of a Freelancer’s preferences and serves as a basis to initiate contact. You can discuss the Quote in context of the job, arrive at terms that are favourable to both and eventually hire the Freelancer. The Quote then becomes the basis for establishing the Agreement which can be mutually agreed upon before starting work.

A sample Quote


  • When you receive a Quote, be sure to check the Freelancer’s Profile and their All-Time Transaction Data to get a better understanding of their capability and suitability for the job before making the hiring decision.
  • Quotes can be edited multiple times depending on the job need and discussions with the Freelancer.

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