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A great way to stand out among other Freelancers is by expressing who you are as an individual or a company. The “About” section allows you to establish your identity, express your values, introduce your team members and share details of your work experience.

Add the following elements to your Profile to build your identity on Guru:

  1. Screen Name: Add a display name that will be used to identify you across the platform.
  2. Website: Link your Profile to your website. The website URL is displayed only if you have a Professional, Business or Executive Membership.
  3. Profile type: Establish yourself as an individual or a company Profile depending on your work setup.
  4. Tagline: Add your tagline and company mission.
  5. Bio/Company History: Include an overview of yourself or your company, work experience, values and any relevant information that can help you set yourself apart from others.
  6. Work Terms: Define your preferred hours of operation, payment terms and communication approach.
  7. Featured Team Members: Add details of team members that work with you in case you are setting up a company Profile with Guru.
  8. Attach Files and Videos: Make your Profile stronger by showcasing popular work and certifications. You can embed content from popular media sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.


  • You can choose to keep your Profile public or hidden. Hidden Profiles do not show up on Freelancer search results.

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