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A service is a summary of the expertise offered by a Freelancer. Services help Freelancers describe their skills and showcase relevant work in a specific domain. Freelancers can add multiple services to their Profile.

To add a service to your Profile:

  1. Click on “Edit Profile.”
  2. Click on “Services” from the menu.
  3. Click the “+” button on the top right.

A service can be explained using:

  1. Title: Give the service a name that will be displayed on your Profile. Make sure you include relevant skill-based keywords.
  2. Description: Add a detailed description of the service offered. It can contain your approach or methodology too.
  3. Skills: Add skills related to the service.*
  4. Rate/Hour: Define the amount you want to charge per hour.
  5. Starting at: Define the minimum budget.
  6. Category: Select the service category and subcategory.

*The skills you add as a part of the service will be treated as keywords to match you with jobs that require those skills. You can add up to 25 skills for each service.

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