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Hiring a Genealogy Researcher

What Are Genealogy Services?

Genealogy research is the practice of tracing someone’s ancestry and history using both official and unofficial historical records and documents. A professional genealogist studies family history through genetic tests, witness accounts, and the historical documentation we mentioned earlier. Qualified genealogists have the experience and knowledge necessary to accurately locate critical documents for their research, organize the information for analysis, and compile that information into a book or file that is easy for you or your family to understand.

Researchers use a wide array of skills and tools to gather the information you need. It’s not as simple as a cotton swab to your mouth like popular online genealogy services–these typically come with inaccuracies and gaps, because those digital services rely on algorithms and members of your extended family to be entered into their database to be found in your report. Accredited genealogists use advanced research and thorough techniques to hunt down detailed information on your family history for you.

These researchers rely on a wide range of information, including:

  • Oral traditions

  • Historical records

  • Directory accounts

  • Genetic analysis

  • Obituaries

  • Census records

  • Probate records

  • Military records

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Marriage certificates

How Is Genealogy Research Different From Genetic Testing?

A genealogist uses a mix of history and biology to paint an accurate, detailed picture of an ancestry. Genealogy and family history are closely tied, using the descent of a person, family, or group from a particular ancestry, lineage, or pedigree to craft a narrative or chart that can be followed easily. When you factor in family history specifically, these services broaden by including information about the community and biographies of family members.

Genetic testing, however, is a branch in the field of biology. It deals with the transmission and variation in inherited features, such as particular chromosomes and DNA. This is more useful for learning about hereditary genetic conditions that you may develop or already have developed. 

Why Hire a Genealogy Researcher?

There are several reasons why you should hire a professional genealogist or research services. These services offer individuals and families closure, excitement, and deeper understanding by learning about their history and lineage.

While these tasks can be taken on without professional assistance, there are several roadblocks that make it difficult. This is why many choose to hire a genealogy researcher, as these professionals can clear those obstacles to be able to offer the full picture. Some common reasons people hire a genealogist include:

  • They are unable to read the language in documents, or unable to understand the language written by their ancestors.

  • They are visiting their ancestor’s homeland, but don’t know where to find or access information.

  • They want to publish a large record or book of genealogy but need to verify the research collected.

  • They need specific researchers to uncover family mysteries using DNA.

Hiring a professional genealogist can also come with many additional benefits, including insights into an individual’s identity and medical information. It can also help individuals to build family connections and create a deeper sense of purpose.

For older populations, looking back on generations that preceded you can help you feel connected to your extended family and foster a deep connection to your family’s past. Studies show retirees often fall into depression after leaving behind a packed schedule of work routines–reaching into the past can turn into a rewarding hobby, provide insights, and uncover small family mysteries.

Additionally, genealogy offers endless benefits to individuals who were adopted or separated from their biological family at an early age. Learning about your ancestry with the help of researchers can fill in the gaps needed to uncover hereditary conditions and even bring connections to your biological family.

How to Hire a Researcher

Hiring a professional genealogist is easier than ever with Guru. We offer hundreds of professional genealogists with extensive experience who are available at the click of a button. Simply input your parameters for what sort of professional you’d like to hire (such as pay rate and customer ratings), and you will be instantly connected with genealogists that can suit your needs.

The right researcher needs a perfect balance of business skills and genealogical skills. The best way to know if they have both is by reading their customer reviews and by confirming their credentials. Accredited genealogists will have certification marks from the International Commission for Accreditation of Professional Genealogists–this is the best way to know they have the skill set to help you reach your goals.

Once you’ve narrowed down your pool to a few candidates, ask about their rates and availability, and request work samples, if necessary. With this information, hiring becomes a breeze and you can finalize which researcher you want to work with.

What Does It Cost to Have Someone Research Your Genealogy?

Freelance genealogists’ rates will vary, so be sure to do that extra research when you’re hiring! Generally speaking, the average salary for a professional genealogist in the US is about $55,550 per year, or about $27 per hour. However, you don’t need to blow your budget to hire research services that can meet your goals.

Depending on where your candidate is located, you can hire a researcher with experience for a fraction of the cost. In fact, if you know how far your roots go back, hiring a genealogist from the country of your ancestor’s origin may make it easier to collect more information, and may be more affordable than hiring a genealogist based in the US.

Hire a Genealogist With Experience From Guru

At Guru, you can set your expectations and goals as high as the sky, and we can find you a professional who will deliver. We offer a wide array of professional and qualified genealogists to help you feel connected to your roots. Ready to get started? Create a free job post or check out our list of available freelancers today!

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