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I am deeply indebted to the education I received while working on the ground floor of top e-commerce and tech companies who prioritized meaningful relationships with their customers while in their starting days. Working closely with usability teams, marketing groups, distribution, and order fulfillment departments, I became adept at communicating with professionals and audiences of every stripe.

My Competitive/Influence Analysis includes a complete online examination of other companies/personalities/influencers and provides you with industry relevant / creative marketing suggestions that will increase your visibility and reach online. This assessment also includes an online check-up of your web-presence as well as a list of actionable suggestions that will serve as a compass as you navigate the social media landscape.

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3 Reviews for This Service

  • Diquonle says,

    Will definitely work with again.

    for Ghostwriting a book idea on Dec 19, 2013

  • Diquonle says,

    Great artist, writer, and all around diva. She is amazing to work with. Very professional and serious about any project she is working on.

    for Ghostwriting a book idea on Dec 19, 2013

  • MattDenham says,

    I have been extremely happy with Cherrys creative and interactive writing style. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her, she has really taken the time to understand where I am coming from and what I was looking for from my project, at times our perspectives have differed but she has really taken the time to check in with me and ask me what I wanted and align the writing to it. I would highly recommend Cherry to anyone. She has been on time with all deadlines and produced only the highest quality work. I cant praise her enough. Great work.

    for 7 Steps To Coach Yourself To Happiness on Apr 29, 2013