Announcing our Data Retention Policy

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At Guru, we strive to provide our community of Employers and Freelancers with a fast and secure freelance website to get work done online.  As our freelance marketplace grows, so does the data on the platform. Over time, it has become essential for us to introduce a Data Retention Policy that will help establish how long we retain specific data.

Our Data Retention Policy

We will no longer retain data associated with jobs that have been inactive for more than three years on Guru. Duration of inactivity will be determined by the date of last message exchanged in the WorkRoom of that job. 

We believe that if no message has been exchanged for over 3 years, it is likely that the work has been completed and you have moved on to new jobs. By introducing this policy, we want to optimize how we manage our data which in turn will improve the website performance, benefiting all our users.

Data to be deleted:

  1. Job Posting
  2. Quotes sent for the job
  3. Messages associated with the job
  4. Files shared in the WorkRoom
  5. Chats in the WorkRoom
  6. Tasks associated with the job
  7. Any attachments in the above 

Effective Date

This policy will come into effect from October 31, 2019. Our Data Retention Policy only affects jobs which have been inactive for over three years.  Other information and data on Guru will not be affected.

What you should do

If you have jobs that have been completed and inactive for over three years, we request you to save important data related to those jobs before October 31, 2019.  This will ensure that you do not lose any important information. 

For any queries, please email our support team at


  1. Good effort, this will reduce exploitation and the unemployed will get an opportunity to work, their income will increase.

  2. Brian Thomas Concannon Reply

    you should provide us with a utility to send all the old project information to us in an email for our own project data preservation.

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