Finding the Right Freelancer on Guru is Now Easier

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Get to know Freelancers’ work history, skills & services offered and performance before hiring them on Guru –  best website to hire freelancers.

When browsing through Freelancer profiles on Guru, it can sometimes be difficult to understand their credibility and suitability for your job. We recognized this challenge and introduced features to help you find and hire Freelancers that best match your requirements.

Finding Freelancers on Guru:

  1. Skill-based Search – When you know the exact skill you are looking for, search directly to find Freelancers offering that skill. For example, a search with “Android App Development” will display Freelancers offering Android App Development services on Guru.
  2. Category-based Search – When you don’t know the skills your job requires, you can start your search by selecting the category and subcategory. For example, go to Programming & Dev > Game Development to find Freelancers offering game development services.
  3. Combination Search – When you want to find Freelancers with a specific expertise, select the Category and then search for the skill. For example, if you are looking for Freelancers for WordPress Development, select the category as Programming and Dev and then search for WordPress Freelancers. 

You can also use the location filter with the above search to find Freelancers in a specific city, state or country.

Displaying Search Results

Once you perform a search, we display Freelancers with Contextual Relevance – Freelancers offering services that best match the skills you are looking for. We also rank Freelancers based on Objective Performance Data so that you find quality talent to work with. 

Using Filters to Narrow Your Search

  1. All-Time earnings: The total amount earned by the Freelancer from all the jobs successfully invoiced on Guru. The higher the all-time earnings, the more successful the Freelancer has been on Guru.
  2. Number of Employers worked for: The number of Employers the Freelancer has worked with on Guru till date. Working successfully with multiple Employers suggests the Freelancer can adapt easily to a variety of working relationships.
  3. Total number of paid invoices: The number of times the Freelancer has been paid for various jobs on Guru.
  4. Largest Employer: The highest total earnings a Freelancer has made from a single Employer. This indicates both the scale, and responsibility the Freelancer can deliver on.
  5. Skill tests: These help validate the Freelancer’s services and domain knowledge.

Identifying the Right Freelancers

Know more about the Freelancer by looking at information under the following tabs:

  1. More Services: The Freelancer’s other services (related to the keyword you searched for) are displayed here. The rate and the minimum budget is mentioned with each service.
  2. Portfolio: Browse Freelancer’s work collection here.
  3. Performance: The Freelancers’ All-Time Transaction Data and Feedback received from Employers displayed here. All-Time Transaction Data includes their all-time earnings, earnings in the last 12 months, the number of Employers worked with, total number of paid invoices, largest Employer, and the date of joining on Guru as a member. These stats, along with Feedback left by previous Employers, can help you understand their transaction volume, size, and scale of operation.
  4. About: Know more about the Freelancer/business here.

Request Quotes from Freelancers

Once you identify the Freelancer(s) suitable for your job, you can request for a quote.

  1. Click on the “Get a Quote” button.
  2. Select a job you’d like to invite them to or create a new job.
  3. You can also include a message, telling the Freelancer what makes them a great fit.
  4. Click on “Get a Quote”.

The Freelancer will get notified of your request and respond accordingly.

As you browse Freelancers on this page you can add selected Freelancers to your “Favorites” to follow up or connect with them later.

Start your search for the right Freelancer on Guru. Find a Freelancer Now.

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