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Are Google Ads Worth the Money?

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You’ve spent money, time, and other resources on setting up a website for your business. 

Your website looks great and you’re ecstatic about having a place for potential customers to learn more about your business. But how do you get prospective clients to visit your website?

Sure, you can tell your friends and family members, and post about your new website on social media. But that isn’t enough. There are millions of prospects on the internet who may be interested in what you’re offering. If they don’t know that you have a website, that’s an enormous problem.

Here’s Why Google Ads Are Worth the Money

Google controls over 92% of the search engine market share globally, including 92% of the mobile search engine market and 72% of the desktop market. 

With 3.5 billion queries daily and 40,000 searches per second, it’s safe to say that Google Ads provides unlimited opportunities for freelancers and online marketers looking to improve brand awareness and sales.

Google searches offer unparalleled opportunities for potential audiences that are actively looking for your content, products, and services. Google Ads can help you advance your business goals, here are more reasons why Google Ads are worth your money and time.  

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Instant Results

The primary difference between PPC and SEO is the time it takes to see results.

With Google Ads, you’ll see results almost instantly. Within minutes of your Google Ads campaign being approved, you may start to receive new traffic.

To launch a Google Ads campaign, enter your carefully researched targeted keywords, set the maximum bid and budget, and the traffic may flow that same day.

However, with search engine optimization (SEO), it takes longer to see results—sometimes it may take several weeks to see any results.

Although SEO is essential for long-term sustainability, PPC is typically about instant gratification.

2. Google Ads Reach Your Target Prospective Customers When They’re Engaged

If, for instance, you’re shopping for a certain product or service, you’ll type it into Google’s search box, and Google will crank out pages after pages of search engine result pages (SERPs) with the most relevant ads and web content for your request being on the first page. So, you most probably click on the first result that captures your attention and start shopping.

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that these ads appear at the top of the search result page, before organic search. This means you’ll reach your target customers when they’re engaged and ready to take action.

Google Ads gives you total control over your targeting options, from specific locations to search terms, age, and even interests and hobbies.

Once you choose the right keywords, bid the right amount, and high-quality, relevant ads will be right in front of prospective customers at the exact time they’re looking for your service or product.

3. Google Ads Campaigns Allow You to Focus on Local or Niche Markets

Google Ads Campaigns are a substantial investment, especially if you own a local business, which has an online presence. Statistics show that 72% of consumers who conduct a local search visit a store 5 miles from their current location. Thus, local Google Ads campaigns are an effective way to reach prospects near your business location.

Also, you can leverage call and location extensions, which can display your phone number and location, making it easier for potential customers to call or find your business. By using a geographic range to limit your keywords, you can avoid competing with national-focused brands and you can reach your local audience.

This is also valuable for businesses that cater to niche products or markets. Because Google Ads Campaigns are keyword-centric, you have the power to pinpoint targeted audiences in a more specific way versus other platforms. Further, by using specific keywords, you can reduce the cost of your campaign and reach the right audience.

4. Target Multiple Audiences That Need the Same Product

If you offer services or products that appeal to multiple audiences, Google Ads can help you reach those audiences by allowing you to target different key phrases.

For instance, if you create content that applies to both the legal and real estate industries. If you create a product page and want to optimize it for SEO you may have to choose between your two audiences—or choose a more generic search term, such as “content for online marketers.”

Google Ads allows you to target each audience separately by leveraging industry-specific keywords. 

5. Google Ads Give You Control Over Your Ad Spend

When you create a Google Ads campaign, you can set key parameters that allow you to define your spending. You get to decide what you’re willing to spend per click, and you’re only charged once a searcher clicks on your ad.

To control your ad spending, just set a daily budget. Google will then use the designated budget to calculate your spending over a month. You may notice fluctuations in the amount spent by Google Ads every day; however, at the end of the month, your overall ad spending will be within your designated budget.

The Bottom Line: Are Google Ads Worth the Money?

Google Ads are worth every penny because they offer a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to reach an unlimited pool of potential customers. Google Ads are very flexible, which means you can start, pause, stop, or even adjust your bids at any time.  If this seems daunting, hiring a Google Ads specialist may be worth your time.

The pay-per-performance pricing model provides many benefits to small businesses, operating on a tight budget. Focusing on long-tail, local, and niche keywords allows you to avoid competing with national brands that have huge budgets.

While niche and local keywords won’t receive as many clicks as broad keywords, they’re much more efficient at driving conversions, and that’s what matters at the end of the day. 

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