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Compared with the larger changes we made to the work room earlier this month, last week’s updates may have slipped past your radar. But don’t be fooled – they pack a serious punch! Get acquainted with these small-but-mighty updates to how you track time and invoice for milestones. We hope they make your experience using that much better!

Add Time Effortlessly In The Work Room

Now you can add time from the Status Updates page, and see all of your time-based stats in one spot. Review which team members can bill for time, as specified in the agreement. Manage your time, and your team, with ease!

Create Tasks Using The New Time Tracker

Make sure you download our updated version of Time Tracker. Now you can create new tasks from within the software, saving you a trip to your work room. Download the new Time Tracker and start tracking! How do I download Time Tracker?

Send Milestone Invoices Whenever You’re Ready

Finished your milestone before its due date? Now you can send an invoice if your schedule changes. Sending an invoice will automatically mark the milestone as 100% complete on status, so you don’t have to.

Sign in today to see what’s new, and please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make the site more useful to you.


  1. Dipankar Roy Reply

    I am a FREELANCER with, with complete profile for last few months. May I make another profile under FIND A GURU heading,(keeping the existing one, as it is,).
    Is it permissible to make another profile, by the same person, under FIND A GURU heading?
    (This will help to get other types of marketing jobs. Freelancers are not asked for different types of job specially where the demand is very less. Posting in “find a guru” will help those, to get freelancer also).

    Thanks and Regards,
    Dipankar Roy.

  2. Anthonyk747 Reply

    Can you guys please stop repeating this on my announcements at the top of my Dashboard!? It has come up 3 times now.

  3. Atula Siriwardane Reply

    The new look is great. But navigation has been difficult. Earlier it was very easy to compare accounts an check the status. Now information is scattered and me and my employers have made mistakes due to the new changes. I have written Guru. Hope these issues will be taken care of.

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