Announcing New Arbitration Stats

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No one likes to find themselves in a dispute. But sometimes, it happens. Most disputes can be settled by negotiation (less than 1% of all transactions end up in arbitration). However if you do end up needing arbitration services, you can count on our arbitrators for a fair ruling.

How do arbitrators make a ruling?

Before a case goes to arbitration, we give you the opportunity to post any evidence that will support your position. Our arbitrators consider the evidence, along with the terms in your agreement and your private message conversations. Each case is reviewed individually, apart from any past cases so that a fair, unbiased ruling can be made.

Are the rulings really unbiased?

We believe the proof is in the numbers. We’ve posted the stats from our last 100 arbitration cases right on the agreement page, so you can be the final judge.

To view the latest arbitration stats, scroll down to the bottom of any agreement and look under “Dispute Resolution”.
arbitration stats on agreement page (currently 52.37% / 47.63%)

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  1. Wayne Warby Reply

    I have been totally scammed by a freelancer. I foolishly trusted him and paid the money, in full. Once the money was sent, he sends us nothing and will not communicate with us. There is no way to notify your company so that he cannot bid on other jobs and allow others to be protected. You should have a way to weed out this type of people. Your reputation is a stake.

    • Hi Wayne, I’m sorry that you had a poor experience with this freelancer. I see that Lisa replied to you letting you know the freelancer’s account has been closed due to misrepresentation of their abilities. Also, your payment has been refunded to you. Hopefully this eases your frustration a bit!

  2. I completed a job on September 4 and still have not been paid – I was even told in messages that he liked it and wanted one change, which I made, and then he confirmed that he received the final work product. He has received three invoices from me as well as reminders from myself and your team that the invoice is overdue (and it was due in 7 days of completion). How do I get him to respond or pay – and ensure that he does not do this to other freelancers? Thank you.

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