Announcing Enhancements to Agreements

Agreements play an integral role in determining when and how money changes hands on Guru. This is why having an agreement in place before starting to work with someone is crucial. On Dec. 14th we’re introducing three major updates that will make it even easier to create an agreement: Employers will have the same ability to create and edit agreements… Read more »

Complete Control Over Requesting SafePay Funds

With our upcoming release August 10th we’re giving you complete control over requesting SafePay funds. We want you to be able to secure the exact amount of money you need to feel protected. Manually send, edit or cancel any request to add funds to SafePay at any time. Even if it differs from what’s in your agreement. If… Read more »

Use SafePay The Way That Works Best For You

In our upcoming release we’re making the SafePay system even more flexible. Starting August 7th you can ask your guru to increase or decrease the amount due for SafePay at any time, even if it differs from what’s in your agreement. As always you will also have the choice to add funds to SafePay at any time…. Read more »

Get Paid for Any Invoice with SafePay Funds

Up to this point, your employer added funds to SafePay to cover your milestones or hours worked. Those funds were then reserved and unavailable for paying other invoices. This was not intuitive and caused some confusion that sometimes caused delayed payments. The last thing we want to do is get in the way of you getting paid,… Read more »

Pay Invoices With SafePay, Your Way

Paying invoices using SafePay is a smart move, but we admit it should be more intuitive. Up to this point, a freelancer could send an invoice that you couldn’t pay with SafePay due to how those funds were allocated. You have made it clear that this shouldn’t happen. You want full control of your SafePay funds…. Read more »