Announcing Enhancements to Agreements

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Agreements play an integral role in determining when and how money changes hands on Guru. This is why having an agreement in place before starting to work with someone is crucial. On Dec. 14th we’re introducing three major updates that will make it even easier to create an agreement:

  1. Employers will have the same ability to create and edit agreements as freelancers do. This means either party can start the process to get a project underway.
  2. Task-based agreements will be able to be linked to a SafePay account balance, and the related invoices will be eligible for auto-payment.
  3. Freelancers will be able to require an exact amount to be maintained in a SafePay account for both time-based and task-based agreements.

We believe these three enhancements will make it easier to get a project off the ground faster – and keep it running smoothly!

We can’t wait for you to try it and give us your feedback!


  1. Only owners can post here?
    And we, guru workers, can only post reply, review, comment under your posts?
    Is there any place that, as a seasoned freelancer at this site, I can share my problem, suggestions, experience that benefits other guru freelancers? Thanks in advance.

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