Get To Know Our New Feedback System!

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We’re excited to announce that we now have a new feedback system! Here are just a few reasons we think you’ll love it: 

  • It’s simpler.  Just tell us whether you had a satisfying experience working with a user.
  • It’s easier to manage. The new system works better with how you use today.
  • It’s more accurate.  Our new weighted overall percentage score makes it clear to see another user’s standings, which are updated in real time when new feedback is left.
  • It’s monitored by us. If you have a negative experience, we know it right away so that we can keep track of and stop negative behavior.


  • After an invoice is paid, both employers and freelancers can leave feedback and report whether they were satisfied or not satisfied with their experience.
  • If you select “I am satisfied”, this positively affects the user’s overall feedback score. You can then write positive feedback for the user which they can decide to publish publicly to their profiles later on.
  • If you select “I am not satisfied”, this negatively affects the user’s overall feedback score. You then have the option to report your experience to Our staff will review your feedback and take whatever action we can to help.

A user’s feedback will be displayed as a positive percentage out of 100%, based on money earned (if you are a freelancer) or money spent (if you are an employer). When feedback is negative, the percentage will be reduced from 100 resulting in a positive percentage score.

Example: A freelancer earned $10,000 over the past 12 months. For $500 of the money earned, the feedback was negative. Their feedback score will be 95%. (The feedback will be naturally weighted with the value of the invoice)


If you already have feedback built up, we’ll transition these scores over to our new percentage rating system. We’ll take the feedback you’ve received in the past 12 months into consideration. Feedback scores of 3 stars or higher will be interpreted as positive, and anything lower will be interpreted as negative. Any published comments on your profile will remain and you choose which ones you want to publish on your profile.

We hope that this new system is everything you’ve been looking for in feedback on! Don’t hesitate to post any questions, comments or ideas below – we’d love to hear from you!


  1. A Mandaliya Reply

    Now its like yes or no. We have been on guru since long and based on our experience I can tell there are pros who do average work and top notch work. If there were star system, the average pros get 3 to 4 star but the top notch pros get 5 stars. If employer will have to say if he was satisfied or not, he will say yes for average work and top notch work.

    Is there any other factor which distinguish average pros and top notch pros?

    • One factor to distinguish average or topnotch is history, multiple clients can mean excellent works. You can be a good a performer with only one client who rates you, let’s say you are in a client for long period. But with different clients is totally different because it means different experiences, tasks, turnaround, and feedbacks. And also different clients means more money because you can raise or bid your price higher, and that is topnotch for me, your job success is higher

  2. Dyann Joyce Reply

    i had over 12,000 built up in blocking, guru told me to invoice a party for 35 after waiting 50 days my first neg and cant block hate new system

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hey Dyann – Many of our user’s have expressed that they didn’t like when their feedback on an experience was blocked or that they may have made a different decision if they had seen a more true feedback linked to an account. With that in mind, we do understand that things happen and it shouldn’t end your career on our site.

      In our updated system you have the ability to show or hide any comments you receive. You get to curate what people see when they review your feedback. The new percentage though is what will be affected.

      There are two more big benefits you as a freelancer receive with this update. The first is that all of those invoices that didn’t have feedback left for them will contribute to your satisfactory percentage after 60 days.

      The other is feedback is now weighted. Meaning, if you do a bigger job with a higher dollar amount, it outweighs a smaller job. This way if you have an invoice for $12,000 that’s satisfactory and a $35 invoices that isn’t, the impact is not a great as it once was. Previously each invoices would be responsible for 50% of your rating. Now that $12,000 invoices is 99% of your score.

      I hope that helps, if not let us know.

  3. What about the blocking feedback feature? That has been useful and has helped avoid a situation where unscrupulous buyers blackmail freelancers to deliver over and above the contract agreement.

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      It’s true that blocking power has gone away. You will have the ability to choose what comments are shown and which ones are not. The unsatisfactory comments will be sent directly to us and now posted to your profile.

      I will say though if someone is clearly abusing the system then let us know about it. We’re happy to look into it for you!

  4. I agree with Mandaliya. However I am registered here for many years but I am just started to build up my freelancer profile. I think the star system were much better since you can make difference between excellent works and avarage work or even bad and disaster work. Now what possibility do anybody have to refer him/her as an excellent worker?

    • multiple clients in history. Top rates can attract more clients. Therefore, multiple clients is the measurement for job success score.

  5. Odornz Research Reply


    Thank you for reading my message.
    I will start by saying that the upgrade is great, since it provides a prompt numerical evaluation of both the employers and the freelancers.
    My concern is rather unique.
    I am not happy with everything in
    While I respect and cherish this firm, I believe a lot ought to be done.
    Many of us freelancers have accounts in other freelance companies, but I keep wondering while an employer would post a job in and I see him post the same job in upwork and and end up hiring there, leaving
    My concern is that I like because the competition here is less severe, even though I am yet to land a job. But there are things we need here to get the firm move forwards and make more money.
    I will list them.
    1. Employers should be charged for every job they posted. I suggest $1 or even 50cents. I have a friend who has spent 40% of his earnings to buy bids or make upgrades. Why? Because many employers just taste the waters and leave us wasting our bids.
    2. Employers should be timed for every job posted and such should not exceed 1week
    3. I suggest the free bids for yet to be hired freelancers should be 50 or unlimited until they can land a job, after which they can now pay the normal charges for bids.
    4. Again, I suggest a modification and upgrade to enable employers state whatever they want to pay, not merely a range of figures.
    5.And lastly, I need to ask, is reaching out effectively to prospective employers? This question should be answered because often you just see a couple of jobs available and at the end many will hire nobody.
    Does guru run affiliate marketing strategy? Does she advertise?

    I have been on before I joined other freelance sites and why I don’t entirely blame my failures on, it is worthy to note that I have made a lot of money on other sites.
    Why I chose to make this lengthy suggestion is because this site has the potentials to beat its competitors.
    I am a doctor and not a business executive but from my angle, should look at these suggestions and find out if they can be of use.


    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hey Mike – I replied to your email that you sent to use directly, so I’ll keep this short. Thanks for your feedback, we’re happy to hear anything you have to say about how we can make your experience better and feel free to email us anytime.

  6. This new rating system is greatly flawed. The star system is much more accurate.

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hey Chuck – If you have any specific examples of what you liked about the old system that the new one does not do feel free to send an email.

  7. Now all my work in the past three years go in vain sicne oyu are taking into consideration only last year.So before I had 5 star rating with 65 positive feedbacks and with that I could stand up in the crowd. Now with 100% and 23 feedbacks I am just like many others. 🙁

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi Sinisa – Both our old an new system only calculated feedback for the past 12 months, this part hasn’t changes. Also any comments left will remain on your profile if you like.

  8. Nora Gutierrez Reply

    Please consider reinstating the payout amounts on specific projects on Employers’ feedback profiles. Guru used to encourage freelancers to refer to that information in formulating bid amounts to keep both freelancers and employers from under-bidding or over-bidding. Plus that information saved a lot of time in proposal preparation. Why was that useful tool rproposal am certain that the majority of freelancers would like to see the payout amounts reinstated.

  9. Nora Gutierrez Reply

    You really need to conduct surveys among Guru freelancers before making drastic changes to a tried and truly effective system.(e.g., removing Employer payouts and only and limiting the posting of a freelancer’s feedback to the previous year only. That contributes toward conveying that freelancers don’t stay on Guru for long, and diminishes the image of the established and stable company that Guru really is.

  10. Atula Siriwardane Reply

    I suggest that there should be a feature available to edit a feedback when both the employer and freelancer agree to change it.
    I have had the need becausemy employer had posted a personal message as a feedback. We had to contact Guru to change it.


  11. I am sorry to posting here this question, but I can’t find anythin related in the FAQ. What can I do if a client doesn’t want to pay? Or at least he say he would like but can’t upload money to guru.

    Thanks in advance.

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