Better Ways to Manage Your Work and Get Paid

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On Jan. 8 we’re updating our work room tools to make it easier to manage your workload and get paid. These improvements will also pave the way for a shiny new payment system. But more on that later!

Agreements Become More Powerful

New agreement tools will make it even easier to set expectations up front, preventing disputes and keeping things on track. Control what you will be paid for – whether it’s a milestone or hours worked.

Simpler Ways to Create Invoices

You focus on your work, and let us take care of invoices for you! Once you have an agreement, we’ll create invoices for your tracked time or completed milestones. Simply look them over and send them to your employer. Hourly invoices will be automatically sent after 24 hours. If you perform work that falls outside of your agreement, you can create a miscellaneous invoice.

Increased Payment Security

Having a more powerful agreement in place means you can completely protect your time and effort on both hourly and fixed-price jobs. Define a minimum SafePay balance to make it clear how much money you want secured for your work. This balance will be used to pay your invoices automatically, so you don’t have to worry about being paid on time.

Improved Communication Tools

Communication is the key to success! Let your employer know what progress you’re making by providing status updates, whether your team has tracked time or worked on a milestone.

We’ll provide more information about these updates over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


    • Mike, there is no extra cost for this service! You can join for free, or choose one of the several membership options we offer to better suit your needs. We are simply adding more value to the already existing platform, to make it easier for you (and everyone) to use! 🙂

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    Work was completed early. How do I mark the job completed and close the quote?

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