You’ve probably seen us state that our platform is completely free to use. Our free membership plan allows you to submit quotes to jobs, get hired and make money without spending a penny. Because it’s free and gives you wide access to our features it’s a great way to test the waters. In fact, I’ve seen people purchase a membership with the earnings they’ve made as a free member.

If you find success on our platform or are simply eager to meet your competition head-on as a paid member, we have a bunch of different membership plans you can choose from. Our most expensive membership isn’t the best fit for everyone, so it’s great to explore the different levels to understand which one suits you.

membership choices



(think of this as a test drive)

This is the membership that everyone starts out with, and it is completely free. It’s a great way to test our platform until you’re ready to get more serious. You’ll notice a higher job fee (8.95%) and skill tests cost $4.95 each. If you already know you’ll be a long-time user of our site then you may want to consider upgrading your membership as soon as you can.


$8.95 per month billed annually, or $11.95 billed monthly

(for the frugal freelancer)

This is a great membership plan for someone who uses our site infrequently but still wants to benefit from more bids per month. As a Basic+ member you also have the ability to ask questions within the Q & A section of a job posting, which is a great way to get your name seen among the list of other applicants.


$15.95 per month billed annually, or $21.95 billed monthly

(this is where most of our paid perks become available)

Professional members gain a variety of exclusive benefits; they benefit from bid rollover, which ensures that they’re not wasting bids if they haven’t used them all during their membership period. You can also start sending employers premium quotes for when you want to tell an employer that you’re extremely serious about their job. If you really feel you’re a good fit for a job you can even begin sending sales messages to prospective employers. Have a website? At this membership level you can proudly display it within your profile. Skill tests are also completely free at this level so get to it! Professional members also benefit from a lower job fee of 6.95%.


$24.95 per month billed annually, or $33.95 billed monthly

(so you want to be represented as a company-show them!)

If you’re a company and want to distinguish yourself as such then consider purchasing a Business membership. Your job fee is 5.95% and up to 200 bids can be rolled over at the end of your membership; this pretty much guarantees that any leftover bids won’t be disappearing on you. Skill tests are still free, and premium quotes and sales messages cost less.


$39.95 per month billed annually, or $49.95 billed monthly

(you’re king of the hill and everybody knows it)

Status is king. Executive membership is the holy grail of our membership plans. The majority of the freelancers I see who choose Executive membership have built an empire around their freelance business and proudly display their Executive badge; they want everyone to know how much hard work it took to get where they are. Executive members benefit from the lowest job fee of all—4.95%. The maximum bid rollover is 300, premium proposals and sales messages are so cheap that you can begin using them without feeling the burn on your bid count. And of course, you can include a link to your own site within your profile.

Some Common Membership Questions…

Q: What is bid rollover?

A: Bid rollover allows you to transfer any unused bids from your previous membership to your new membership. Having a membership with bid rollover means you won’t lose those 50 bids from your last membership period just because you didn’t get a chance to use them.

Q: What is search boost?

A: When looking at any membership above Basic you’ll start to see “Search Boost” as one of the perks. Part of our search ranking algorithm takes into account your recent earnings. Search boost will automatically add a predetermined “boost” to that number. The higher your membership level, the higher your boost.

Q: When can I renew my membership?

A: You’ll see a reminder and be able to renew your membership within 2 weeks of its expiration. You can upgrade your membership at any time regardless of your current membership.

Q: Why is my membership saying, “Unable to Downgrade”?

A: When you see the message, “Unable to Downgrade” it simply means you can’t downgrade your membership until it has expired. If you’re stuck in a situation where you don’t want to renew your membership at its current level, all you need to do is let it expire and then upgrade your membership from Basic to whatever you’d like.

Whatever your membership is, we’ll continue to offer the tools you need to be a successful freelancer. We’re always available to discuss your particular situation and offer suggestions of what membership is right for you. Send us an email with your questions or post them in the comments below.

Sign in and check your membership chart to see a full list of features and to compare memberships, or read more about memberships in the Help Center.

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Community Support


  1. Raquel

    We are looking to hire a sales person, to work as an independent contractor in the South Florida, USA area. How does this service work? Do they charge a finder’s fee, or they would charge a percentage of the commissions paid to the worker? If they charge a percentage of the commissions paid, then for how long? Please clarify how the fees work. Thank you.

    • Anna

      Hi Raquel, and welcome! There is no finder’s fee. In fact, the only fee you will be charged is a 2.45% transaction fee, should you decide to pay gurus with a credit card or PayPal.

  2. Rafael Matigulin

    If I had not spent my bids from basic + they will be burned at the end of the month, or move to the next, even if my membership will downgrade?


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