Bill for Additional Work with Ease

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We’ve added a new feature that lets you bill for additional work on your milestone invoices. Simply click the “Bill For Additional Work” button, describe the work and enter the amount you need to add to the invoice.

If the invoice was originally set up for Auto-Pay it will need to be manually paid so your employer can review it.

invoice bill extra work


  1. There is a feature of adding a new account in Payment Method page in the name of 2nd party, is this feature necessary for a single working freelancer or person for a small business company?

    May be this feature is required for the agencies and larger companies.

    It has a disadvantage of hacking of your money from your own account to an another named account. It is possible if hacker hack your desktop and can access your webpages without sing in.

  2. I like how Guru gives more features that truly help the freelancers as opposed to stupid money squeezing features I find on other websites.

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