A Simpler Way to Add Purchase Order Numbers to Invoices

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We’ve just made it easy to add Purchase Order numbers on invoices. So easy that you don’t have to do a thing! When your employer asks you to note a PO on your invoice, let them know there are two ways they can add it themselves:

1. Via the work room.

add purchase order number in the work room

When your employer adds a PO number in the work room it is applied to all of the invoices you send for that job. If your employer changes it, all future invoices sent will reflect that change. If they want to change the PO number on invoices you previously sent, they will need to do so on each invoice.

 2. Via an invoice.

add purchase order number to an invoice

Your employer can add and edit a PO number on any invoice at any time on the Invoices page, and while viewing an invoice.

If your employer adds or removes a file to an existing PO number, all invoices with that PO number will be affected.

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