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Can You Develop Apps on Bubble?

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Are you looking for digital solutions to get your business off the ground? Looking to engage with your target audience or a virtual presence that keeps existing clients or customers happy? Bubble.io may be the solution for you!

More and more businesses and organizations are looking to hire Bubble developers to boost their digital presence. This platform allows the everyman to build a web app or start an online business–something that is critical in the modern world. Many publications, from TechTarget to Forbes, recommend businesses develop their own unique app to build customer loyalty and provide affordable, ongoing marketing.

While it can be easy to create a web-focused app on Bubble, creating native mobile apps on the platform is much more complicated for the average user. Let’s dive into Bubble’s capabilities and just how you can take your business to the next level with it.

What Is Bubble?

Bubble.io was developed in 2012 by founders Joshua Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov as a visual programming language, no-code application platform. It allows non-technical people to build web applications without needing a background knowledge of coding or programming.

Bubble allows users to create the perfect application, hitting all of the key components of a professional app, such as:

  • Excellent user interface: A key component of any successful app is having an interface that is intuitive to users and visually appealing.
  • Scalability: The best apps allow the user base to grow and expand data volumes without lagging or crashing.
  • Connectivity: Bubble allows apps to link up or work in tandem with other systems and services.
  • A database: Every app needs to be able to save and retrieve information, such as articles, social posts, or products.
  • Top-notch security: Any digital app or platform needs to ensure no users or hackers can access data they aren’t supposed to access.

Previously, it was only possible to develop apps that hit all of these critical features by hiring an in-house development team or an expensive development agency. With the Bubble platform, the ‘average man on the street’ can tick each of those boxes on his own!

Bubble’s primary goal is to remove any and all obstacles that stand in the way of everyone developing their own app. The platform is designed to make it easier than ever to develop the perfect app and bring it to the market, taking care of everything, including:

  • Responsive design
  • Hosting
  • Animations
  • Version deployment
  • Database operations

Can I Create Native Mobile Apps On Bubble?

Bubble is currently designed to support building web-based platforms, but you cannot use it to build native mobile apps for iOS or Android. What is a native mobile app? A native mobile app is an app that is developed specifically for a mobile device. It just means you can develop an app that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device.

While Bubble doesn’t currently offer ‘out of the box’ functionality to build mobile apps, there are ways to do so through Bubble by rebuilding the front end of your app or by converting your web app into a mobile one with a native ‘wrapper.’ Both of these options are more complicated if you do not have a background in coding or programming because they require you to work outside of Bubble’s scope.

How to Set Up Your Business With Bubble

Bubble is an excellent platform to get your business’s web application started, and can give room to develop a mobile app as well. We recommend you develop a budget for translating your business into a digital app. 

How much does Bubble cost? Depending on the plan you opt for, Bubble can cost you up to $349 USD per month! While Bubble does offer lower pricing plans for when your app is still in testing and development phases, the majority of organizations eventually opt for the highest tier to support their growing needs.

If your business doesn’t have an in-house development team on hand to fill in the gaps of Bubble’s capabilities, you aren’t alone–there are multiple options to get your app where you want it, be it on the web or on mobile.

Become Familiar With the Interface

If you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and learn coding, you can invest the time yourself to understand Bubble’s interface and how to connect it to an application programming interface (API) to transfer it to a mobile application, as well.

However, the majority of users and business owners find this extremely time-consuming and challenging. Not only do you have to learn how to code for your specific needs, you also need to research the best ways to learn and do the coding yourself. This ends up taking three times as much time as hiring a freelancer to make the adjustments you need, and can blow through your budget quickly when you pay employees to learn it for you.

Hire an Agency

Another option is to hire Bubble developers through an agency. This is the least cost-friendly option on the list, because these agencies may charge a premium price to have a team of experts available to you, even if you just need a developer’s expertise to tweak one thing or troubleshoot another. However, you do have an entire team of professionals at your disposal.

Hire a Freelancer

Hiring a freelance Bubble developer is the most recommended option, especially if you have been able to do the majority of the legwork on your app but need an expert to help here and there. Even if you need a developer from beginning to end, Guru is the leading online platform to connect with freelance Bubble developers. Our freelancers are sourced globally, ensuring you have help when you need it at a price that works for you!

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