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How Much Does the Bubble App Cost?

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Bubble.io is one of the fastest-growing web application development platforms on the market, with over two million users as of 2022. This platform has made application development accessible for anyone, regardless of their background in coding or lack thereof!

Nowadays, every business needs a digital presence to stay engaged with their target audiences, build customer loyalty, and support with marketing endeavors. The payoff for developing your own app outweighs the initial cost to get it off the ground, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a budget.

In this article, we’ll dive into Bubble’s unique pricing plans and structures, as well as additional costs to factor in, such as hiring freelance Bubble developers or working with a Bubble development agency.

What Is Bubble.io?

Perhaps you’ve heard some buzz about Bubble and are wondering what the Bubble app is used for. Bubble is an all-in-one, comprehensive web application development platform that allows users of all skill levels and backgrounds to develop high-quality web-based applications.

Bubble’s core mission is to provide a high-quality application without obstacles that stop everyday people from developing their own apps. It has built tools that focus on specific segments of app production, growth, and maintenance, including:

  • A comprehensive and visually appealing user interface
  • A secure database
  • Opportunities for scaling
  • Avenues to connect with third-party services and systems

While you can develop web-based applications, can you develop mobile apps on Bubble? Mobile apps are proven to be increasingly important for staying connected to your consumer base and keeping them engaged with your content or products. However, Bubble does not currently have the capabilities to develop a native mobile app for iOS or Android. 

But, it is possible with proper know-how and coding background to convert your existing Bubble web application to a native mobile app. This is no simple feat for users without a technical background, which is why we recommend outsourcing this project to professionals.

Pricing Plans: A Breakdown

Bubble offers a variety of tiered services, allowing your application to grow alongside your business. You never have to pay more for services and features you don’t need. There are four main pricing tiers with an option for a customized plan, let’s explore the details of each.


Whether you want to pay annually or monthly, the price for this tier remains the same: absolutely free. Bubble’s Free tier is perfect for projects and applications that are in the very early stages of development or if your in-house team is just familiarizing themselves with Bubble’s platform and capabilities or your projects are still under construction.

Features included in this tier are:

  • Six hours of server logs
  • 50,000 workload units per month
  • One app editor
  • A component library
  • An application programming interface (API)
  • Development version


This is the only option you need to pay for but can start out with a free trial and is ideal for launching and testing your application. We recommend this tier for users who can operate simple tools, are somewhat familiar with the Bubble platform, and have a small to moderate user base.

Features in this tier include everything offered in the Free tier, along with:

  • A live application
  • Custom domain
  • Recurring workflows
  • Basic version control
  • 175,000 workload units per month
  • Two days of server logs

You can sign up for this plan in a monthly subscription ($32 USD per month) or an annual subscription that comes out to $29 USD per month.


The Growth tier is ideal for growing your user base and for consumer projects with complex functionality. This tier includes all of the features in the Starter tier, along with:

  • Two application editors
  • Premium version control
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Ten custom branches
  • 250,000 workload units per month
  • Fourteen days of server logs

The monthly plan costs $134 USD per month, or you can opt to be billed annually at a rate of $199 USD per month. There is no free trial option for this tier.


This tier is perfect for scaling your business and team, especially when scaling projects with high usage. Team tier includes everything in the Growth tier, along with:

  • Five app editors
  • Sub apps
  • Twenty-five custom branches
  • 500,000 workload units per month
  • Twenty days of server logs

There is no free trial option for this tier, but you can be billed annually at a rate that comes down to $349 USD per month or opt for monthly billing at $349 USD per month.


Bubble also offers opportunities to customize your plan for your application’s unique needs. The Custom plan is best for enterprise-level security and scale, especially projects with sensitive data. This tier includes everything offered in the Team tier, plus:

  • Custom workload units
  • Choice of hosting location
  • Customizable servers
  • Enhanced security
  • Dedicated support team
  • Payment by invoice or automated clearing house (ACH) payments

For pricing details, Bubble.io asks you to contact its sales team to build a plan that suits the needs of your project.

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