How To Create Outstanding Services

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Your services explain, in your own words, what you’re offering to Employers. Starting January 21, when Employers search on Guru they’ll be searching through services rather than Freelancer profiles. Your success will depend on how well you present your services. Use these five simple tips to create outstanding services.

1. Use smart titles.
Be sure to include one strong keyword.

2. Get descriptive!
Add keyword-rich descriptions to rank higher in search results.

3. Tag skills and expertise.
These will ensure you show in relevant search results.

4. Show examples.
Make sure each service has at least one related Work Collection. The featured Work Collection will show next to your service in search results.

5. Set your rate and budget.
Decide how much you will charge for your service.

Create your services today!

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  1. On the Services page of the profile you’ve got posted here, there are images to the left of each of the services. How does one place these images?

    • Hi Bruce,

      When you add or edit a service, you are prompted to attach Work Collections to it. The image that appears next to a service is the cover image from the featured Work Collection.

      If you continue to have questions about adding services with Work Collections, please leave another comment.

      Happy New Year!

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