How to Attract Clients Using Work Collections

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Your new Guru portfolio holds Work Collections, or groups of work samples that showcase your expertise. Use these four simple tips to create Work Collections that will attract clients and sell your services.

Jamie Walpole Portfolio Work Collections

1. Show all of your work.
Add and organize all of your past work into Work Collections in your portfolio. The more examples of your work you add, the stronger your profile will be.

2. Organize by Service.
Create Work Collections that represent services you have provided. Think of each Work Collection as a specific example of one of your services. For example, rather than creating a collection of all of your web design work, create separate collections for each web design project you completed.

3. Attach Work Collections to services.
Associate each of your Work Collections to related services so your work shows in search results. Show Employers what they can expect as a finished result should they hire you.

4. Customize each Work Collection for the job you want.
Show an Employer exactly what they’re looking for, fast. If you’re applying for a web design project in the retail industry, be sure you have a Work Collection showing the similar work you’ve completed for a previous client.

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