How is your new profile performing?

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Are your services showing up first when an employer searches? Does your profile stand out? Is your work selling your services? Would you hire you? Use these 3 tactics to polish your profile and win more jobs.

tailor your services

1. Tailor your services for the jobs you want.

Search for jobs that interest you, and see which skills and keywords employers use. Edit your services so each includes those terms. Be sure to include the terms in both the service description and the “Skills & Expertise” field. The more you use a given skill or keyword, the higher you’ll rank!

Compare to the competition

2. See how you compare with the competition.

Search through services other freelancers are offering using the terms you identified in tactic #1. See how your services rank, and study any services that show up above yours. Tweak your own services until they start showing up higher.

fine tune your Work Collections

3. Fine tune your Work Collections.

Edit your Work Collections, adding the terms you identified in tactic #1 in the titles and “Skills & Expertise” fields. You can also add text within the Work Collections. Again, the more you use a given skill or keyword, the higher you’ll rank! Attach Work Collections to your services so that employers see an example of your service in search results.

Tip: Having trouble finding yourself in search results? Type in “your screen name” (using quotations).

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