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Finding a Good PPC Campaign Manager

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Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are an effective ad strategy that can help businesses increase conversions–but like with any other advertising method, they require planning and skill to execute properly. To ensure that your PPC campaigns generate a good return on investment (ROI) with quality leads, it’s best to hire PPC experts that can analyze and optimize your ads. 

Finding a good PPC campaign manager is easy when you know what qualities to keep an eye out for in the right candidate for your tasks. Read on to learn how to hire a PPC manager on a top freelance marketplace like Guru.

What Are PPC Campaigns?

Pay-per-click campaigns are an advertising approach in which a business pays a certain amount every time a potential customer clicks on one of your ads. 

You specify a budget (which you can limit as a daily, weekly, or monthly ad spend) and determine keywords that you’d like your site, product, or campaign to be associated with in searches. When your ads are placed in critical spots online (such as at the top of a search engine results page or in the sidebar of a high-traffic website) and someone clicks on it, you pay a fee.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

When done correctly, PPC campaigns work as a valuable anchor in a business’s online marketing strategy. They’re a powerful yet easy way to reach more people in your target market because your ads will be placed on the sites they’re already using.

With proper placements, you can even increase brand awareness and authority, as your results may signal your brand as an industry leader. A well-executed PPC campaign will lead to more conversions while lowering your promo costs.

What Does a PPC Campaign Manager Do?

While you can build and manage PPC campaigns on your own, a PPC campaign manager will do better in guaranteeing your desired results. They’ll have the expertise to help you create effective ads and implement smart strategies so that your efforts aren’t in vain.

The responsibilities of a PPC campaign manager include analyzing, building, and optimizing your PPC ads, which also involve reading data, determining trends, and improving existing campaigns. They may also be tasked to manage budgets, set up ad groups and keywords, create bidding strategies, generate reports, write copy, and keep track of all analytics.

What to Look For in a PPC Campaign Manager

With so many PPC campaign managers available on Guru, how do you choose the right one to hire? Here are some characteristics to look for in a good PPC campaign manager:

Technical Know-How

PPC campaigns are pretty straightforward, but it helps to have a good grasp of the tech involved to execute them to ensure their effectiveness. You’ll want to hire a PPC campaign manager who is adept in Google Ads, analytics platforms, and keyword sites. They should also always be up-to-date with the latest ad trends so that they can apply best practices in your campaigns.

Organization Skills

PPC campaign managers may have to handle multiple ad campaigns at a time, so they must have the organizational skills to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They should also be proactive so that they may be able to solve any problems as they arise.


The best PPC campaigns require a dash of creativity to catch the attention of potential leads. You must hire a PPC campaign manager who can fully understand your business and its goals and translate that knowledge into ad strategies that will convert.

Data Insights

Good PPC campaign managers can analyze data and derive insights from them. This is an essential step to improving strategies.

Communication Skills

PPC campaign managers are tasked to communicate the messages of a business to their target market, so they must have the skills to get concepts across through ads. They also typically have to report to stakeholders, and they should be able to communicate complex PPC-related ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.

Finding the Right PPC Campaign Manager on Guru

Finding the right PPC campaign manager starts with determining the objectives you have for launching a PPC campaign. When you have that ironed out, you can tailor your search for professionals that have the necessary skills to obtain your key performance indicators (KPIs).

When hiring a PPC campaign manager, seek them out on a trusted platform like Guru, a top online freelance marketplace, where you’re assured that all candidates are vetted experts. Guru takes the hiring step even further by keeping all related tasks, including payments and project management, right on the platform. Hire a freelance PPC expert from Guru today!

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