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How to Hire a PPC Manager

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising strategy that effectively targets your business’s ads to your target market. A brand that uses PPC advertising employs resources to place its promotional materials in key locations online, whether on search engine results pages (SERPs) or high-traffic websites. Then, as its name suggests, the business pays every time a user clicks on their ad. 

Creating, managing, and sustaining a successful PPC campaign can take a lot of work, so finding a good PPC campaign manager is crucial. PPC experts for hire can take care of researching, building, handling, reporting, and improving your PPC ads. 

Responsibilities of a PPC Manager

A PPC manager can take on several different tasks. Here’s a look into some of their most common responsibilities:

PPC Strategy Creation

Most PPC managers are hired to build PPC campaign strategies. They study the brand and its goals, then recommend the right course of action to execute their advertising plans.

Campaign Execution

PPC managers may be tasked to execute certain PPC campaigns, which could include creating the actual ad, designing visuals, and writing copy. They also typically launch the project in the relevant channels and manage the job throughout its publishing duration.

Ad Budget Management

PPC managers can determine how a client’s budget should be properly allocated to achieve their PPC campaign goals. They can recommend an amount to start with or work with an existing limit, optimizing ad spending for the best results.

Keyword Research

PPC campaigns are largely driven by keywords, as these are the signals used to place ads where interested people will see them. PPC managers must know how to use keyword tools and resources to generate the right materials to launch relevant campaigns. They must also stay on top of any keyword or search engine marketing (SEM) trends.

Data Analysis and Reporting

PPC campaigns can push out a lot of insights about a business’s advertising efforts and target market. A PPC manager is responsible for making sense of all these in order to report them to stakeholders, and must utilize any learnings to improve future campaigns.

Hiring a PPC Manager

Hiring a PPC manager is easy when you do it on a top freelance marketplace like Guru. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to employ the right PPC expert for your business:

Determine Your Goals

Before you go searching for potential candidates, iron out the job details. Start by determining the goals for your business and the project, and write out the expectations you have for the person you’re hiring. Be sure to compile all necessary details about the project, such as duration, salary, etc.

Create and Upload a Job Description

Write a job description that lists the tasks that your potential PPC manager will have to accomplish, as well as any criteria you’re looking for in a hire. Include both technical qualifications and soft skills; the latter is especially important if your PPC manager will be working with other people in your team.

Once you have a job description ready, upload it on Guru as a job post.

Field Applicants

When your job post is up, interested applicants will start messaging you with what they have to offer. You may also check out Guru’s PPC experts page to seek out qualified individuals yourself. Scan through their profiles to find the right fit for your company.

Hire the Right Candidate

Once you find the best person for the job, you can hire them on the spot or ask them for additional details, such as a portfolio or proof of previous campaigns that were successful; you can also arrange an interview. When you’re happy with your find, employ them via Guru in just a few clicks!

Manage the Project

Guru makes the entire hiring process easier by allowing you to manage your entire project right on the platform. You can track deliverables on Guru and even arrange safe payments, right on the site.

The Cost of Hiring a PPC Manager

How much does it cost to hire a PPC expert? The cost of hiring a PPC manager varies. You can find experts who can charge as low as $350 and up to $5,000 a month, depending on the person’s experience and the scope of the project. Some PPC managers may also charge a percentage of your ad spend, typically between 10% to 20%.

Hire a PPC Manager on Guru

Guru, a top online freelance marketplace, can connect you with hundreds of PPC managers from around the globe who can help maximize your ad budget with pay-per-click marketing. Hire a reliable, experienced PPC manager on Guru today!

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