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Hire a Content Creator for Instagram

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Nearly half of users on Instagram report that the platform helps them discover new brands, and 44% of Instagram users shop on the Instagram platform. In fact, many businesses can open a storefront on the Instagram platform, allowing businesses to advertise, engage with their audience, and make sales all in one place! If your business is struggling with its social media presence (especially on Instagram), it’s time to hire content creators.

If you’re just starting a brand or are building a digital presence for your established business, you need a skilled team to gain a following and generate sales. However, building an Instagram presence is more than taking a photo and using a hashtag–content creators need to balance Instagram’s analytics and algorithm, have an eye for design, and write interesting copy and captions to build an audience. This audience turns into leads, which turns into paying customers.

What Is a Content Creator?

A ‘content creator’ is a broad term that describes someone who creates or produces content. This term is more commonly used for creators who produce content on digital platforms, such as Tiktok, Snapchat, and in this case, Instagram. These creators typically create blog posts, videos, and reels, but their options only grow from there.

Content creators can build your Instagram presence from the ground up by posting engaging content. This results in:

  • Generating brand awareness
  • Increasing your social media following
  • Generating new leads, engaging with existing ones, and generating sales

We recommend working with a professional content creator if your account is struggling with engagement, you’re stretched thin and don’t have the time or knowledge to build your presence, or you don’t know how to run social media ads.

How to Hire a Content Creator

How much does it cost to hire a content creator? Content marketing firms can charge anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the needs of your business. For small businesses or brands that are still growing, that budget may be out of reach. Hiring a content creator in-house might not be feasible, either, as adding someone to your payroll when you may not have the budget for it can cause strains on your books.

Luckily, you don’t need to enlist your niece in high school or message random social media influencers to find a content creator. Guru is one of the leading platforms connecting reputable freelance content creators with businesses like yours at a fraction of the cost of working with an agency. Follow the steps below to connect with a professional content creator today!

Draft a Job Description

Think about your goals for your business–what are you hoping to achieve through your Instagram presence? Are you looking to build a following with a new audience, provide updates and new info for an existing base, or generate sales? Consider your goals and compile a list of tasks for your hired content creator. Some responsibilities you can include in your description are:

  • Edit content into prescribed formats (Instagram graphics, Reels, Stories, and posts)
  • Deliver a compelling mix of product-focused, brand-specific content (video, blog post, graphics, etc.)
  • Research industry-related topics
  • Promote content on Instagram and monitor engagement (comments, views, likes, and shares)
  • Measure web traffic to content (meaning, conversion and bounce rates)
  • Edit and proofread all copy-written content before publishing

Evaluate Required Skills

Someone could read your posted job description and think, “I can do all that!” However, they may not have the skill set or knowledge required to achieve your goals within your specified timeframe. When reviewing freelance content creators, be sure to:

  • Review their portfolio of completed or published work
  • Check they are fluent in the language they will be writing in for your brand
  • Determine their familiarity with SEO
  • Look at their proven work or experience as a content creator, copywriter, or brand ambassador
  • Ensure they have time management and communication skills

Hire Content Creators Today With Guru

While you can certainly upload a job posting to Indeed, your inbox may be filled with bots, scam artists, or underqualified applicants. With Guru, you simply input your requirements into our ‘search’ function and have instant access to hundreds of qualified freelancers. Each freelancer profile includes a portfolio of their work, reviews from past clients, and information about their rates and services. 

On a tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality? We connect with freelancers across the globe so that you can work with talented professionals without breaking the bank. Most of our freelancers offer a range of payment options, including rates that can be hourly or project-based flat rates. This gives you more freedom and options for expanding your social media reach.

Are you ready to take your brand’s digital presence to the next level? Search through our selection and get started today!

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