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How Do Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence?

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Businesses use artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify, optimize, and automate daily tasks. They apply it to personalization, customer service, data analysis, sales, marketing, human resources, and more. If you’re a company looking to integrate AI into your operations and aren’t quite sure how to do it, the solution is to hire an AI consultant from Guru to help you write the necessary codes and design the best systems for your business.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to learn and make decisions based on data and analytics and using technology and special algorithms. It involves the use of computer software with intelligent human-like capabilities to improve processes, drive growth, and achieve business goals.

Because AI performs tasks that people usually perform, such as communication and decision-making, many think that it’s designed to replace human jobs–but AI is only meant to enhance human capabilities and transform the way work is done for the better.

How Businesses Use Artificial Intelligence

Businesses are using artificial intelligence in various departments, from operations to sales and marketing. Here are some of the most common ways companies have embraced AI:

Customer Service

Businesses largely use artificial intelligence to assist in customer service. The most common application is through chatbots, which streamline companies’ customer service processes by answering queries, responding to requests, and connecting customers to the right channels without human supervision, all thanks to a mix of natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and AI. Voice bots function the same, except they can also typically interpret customer mood and reply in speech.

Businesses also integrate AI into managing customer service tasks, such as segregating queries and answering frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Data Analysis

Data analysis is one of the most common uses of artificial intelligence. Technology nowadays can analyze data and provide insights and recommendations based on that. For example, AI can read client interactions and historical sales results to forecast demand.

Operation Optimization

Artificial intelligence solutions can help companies optimize and automate their processes for more efficient operations. AI can ramp up manufacturing, perform repetitive tasks like data entry and information management, and handle complex tasks such as hiring and finances.

AI can also be used to improve IT processes such as cybersecurity and software maintenance. It can also transform digital properties to enhance customer experiences, like in the case of mobile banking and online shopping.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing departments can use artificial intelligence to analyze customer behavior and preferences and create targeted campaigns that are more likely to drive better results. AI also aids in lead prioritization, wherein it can rank opportunities in the pipeline based on who’s more likely to convert, giving salespeople and marketers better insights into whom they should dedicate their efforts.

Additionally, companies can use AI to improve user experience through more customized user interfaces and intelligent personalization.


By tracking customer behavior, artificial intelligence can personalize customers’ website experience and push notifications, improving their overall impression of the company. For example, AI can read a user’s search history on an e-commerce site to recommend relevant items that they may like, as well.

AI is also significantly involved in search engine optimization (SEO); it can help businesses identify where holes in their strategies to boost their search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence

Businesses nowadays are faced with so many complexities that artificial intelligence can simplify. Here are some of the benefits your business can expect after investing in AI solutions:

Efficient Operations

Through automation and optimization, artificial intelligence can reduce operational time and help workers and business leaders focus on more complicated tasks and decision-making.

Cost Reduction

How much does artificial intelligence cost? Investing in the systems, including hiring an AI consultant from Guru, can start at a couple of thousands of dollars. It may seem steep, but it comes out as a more cost-effective option as it saves time, ramps up processes, and delivers high-quality outputs, which translates to more dollars saved and more dollars earned in the long run.

Limited Human Error

Artificial intelligence benefits from reduced error, since it’s free of the reality of human fallibility. 

Better Insights

Artificial intelligence can draw greater business insights, such as market projections, consumer interest predictions, etc. It can process more data points in a shorter amount of time, too. This combination gives businesses accurate and real-time insights faster, allowing better decision-making.

Hire an AI Consultant on Guru

Before you can enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence in your business, you first need help from an AI consultant on Guru to ensure that you have the correct systems in place to serve your needs and achieve your goals. Guru is the best freelance market to find the right one for you!

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