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How Do You Find a 3D Designer?

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Let’s say you have a ground-breaking idea, a killer concept, or an investment-worthy invention. But you don’t have the skills to create a professional 3D design. You’re going to need a 3D designer, perhaps even someone with a 3D printing workshop, who can turn your idea into a reality.

You may be wondering, though, how do you find a 3D designer who is up to the challenge? This quick-fire guide is here to help you! It will cut down your recruitment time and help you find your ideal designer.

Hiring Options for 3D Design Professionals

You’ve got two primary hiring options:

  1. Advertise your requirements, review portfolios, invest time in online interviews, and cross your fingers and hope!
  1. Sort through top-rated 3D design profiles on a reputable freelancer platform – and get your job started tomorrow.

Digital recruitment is a way more efficient hiring method when you need a contractor on-demand. If you want to know how much does it cost to hire a 3D designer, you can browse through each freelancer’s rates and find a designer that fits your budget. However, before you make your decision, here are some important hiring tips to keep in mind.

How to Plan for a 3D Design Freelance Hire

First off, you need to clearly define your project. While that sounds like we’re singing to the choir, it’s a crucial point. You’re going to need to know what can a 3D designer do and which skills are required for your specific project to determine whether you can hire a junior designer or need an accomplished professional.

It’s also hard to nail down a budget for a 3D design project if you aren’t kicking off with a detailed spec. You might need:

  • A 3D designer with a specific technical skill.
  • 3D model printing, with snap-fit parts.
  • Digital imaging with particular software compatibility.

Now, don’t fret if you’re not sure about any of those concepts – but be prepared to chat with your shortlisted freelancers and discuss the job requirements. By having a clear project in mind, you can find the right designer for your needs.

Negotiating Contract Terms When Hiring a 3D Designer

Most freelance platforms will have a few mandatory trading terms. They’re there to protect everyone’s interests. Things like paying commission aren’t always fun to negotiate, but it’s often the most cost-effective way to hire freelance professionals.

However, if your design is proprietary or commercially sensitive, we’d recommend drafting a contract so there’s zero room for misunderstanding.

Essential Clauses for a 3D Design Contract

Some of the typical 3D design contract clauses include:

  • Intellectual property rights – if you intend to sell your product, you need to have a contract stating your ownership of the IP to avoid potential expensive copyright infringement claims.
  • Non-disclosure agreements – just as vital, an NDA protects the secrecy of any confidential designs and means your 3D designer won’t let them slip if their next project happens to be with your biggest competitor.
  • Source files – finally, a 3D designer will create your graphics but might not be available for future edits or tweaks. It’s essential to ask for ALL source files so another contractor can seamlessly pick up on the work.

Also, when we talk about source files, we’re not talking about the finished 3D files. Yep, you’ll need them, but they’re not high enough quality for another design professional to work from. Ensure you’ve got the original 3DS and DAE files used to create the initial design.

Vetting Freelance 3D Designers

If you haven’t hired anyone through a freelance platform before, it’s a simple process, and there’s plenty of information about prospective candidates. Check out things like:

  • Review ratings and testimonials of past clients.
  • What sectors and business types they’ve worked with before.
  • The quality of the examples in their portfolio.

You have quite a bit of freedom with a design job, especially if you’re interested in hiring a contractor from overseas. The only caveat here is that you’re going to need to communicate. It’s highly advisable to pick someone with fluent English to ensure everything goes as planned.

Hiring a 3D designer may seem like an overwhelming task, but start with defining your project, viewing designer profiles on freelance sites, and following these other simple steps. Soon enough, you’ll be signing a contract with a designer who will bring your idea to life.

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