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What Companies Hire Ethical Hackers?

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Ethical hackers, white hat hackers, security consultants – call them what you will; they’re big news in the arena of business cybercrime!

Hiring a freelance ethical hacker is becoming the number one way to:

  • Identify gaps in digital security that expose your vulnerabilities.
  • Safeguard cyber systems from potential attacks or thefts.
  • Future-proof data management processes from illegal hackers.

An ethical hacker is a highly specialized security expert, who works out how they’d go about breaching your defenses, then develops methods to secure those weaknesses.

So, is an ethical hacker right for your business?

We’ll explore what companies hire ethical hackers and the sectors in greatest need of robust security strategies.

Popular Business Sectors Hiring Ethical Hackers

Some industries are at greater risk of hacking attempts than others, such as:

  • Security contractors
  • Banks and financial firms
  • Investment managers

However, that’s by no means an exhaustive list!

Organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Apple all recognize the value of penetration testing.

They’ve made ethical hackers a crucial part of their software security team, who are used to flag flaws before they become an issue. 

But big tech companies aren’t the only ones working with ethical hackers. We’re now seeing a growing awareness of the value that comes from preventative cybersecurity developing in the small business sector.

Any business that stores sensitive financial information is a prime candidate to hire an ethical hacker. Some banks even host hacking competitions to recruit the best in the industry to protect their assets and reputations!

Personal data security is another crucial area, with smaller companies and start-up firms using ethical hackers to play offense against cybercrime.

Why Are Ethical Hackers Becoming More Commonplace?

It’s no secret that digital commerce is fundamental to almost every industry in the world. And that’s the field where white hat hackers play devil’s advocate. They apply their knowledge of fast-moving, creative hacking techniques to stress test all manner of software.

Let’s say a corporation releases a new online account management tool. They want to be 100% positive that it isn’t going to die an embarrassingly public death at the hands of malicious cybercriminals. The same goes for gaming companies, particularly those that allow online multiplayer and require personal data to sign up. That’s why ethical hacking has become a service that millions of businesses are acknowledging as one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to safeguard their digital interfaces.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Freelance White Hat Hacker?

Remember – most of these professional security hackers work as freelancers, so you don’t need to commit to a permanent hire or even a long-term project.

A one-off cybersecurity audit can be a powerful way to sweep your systems or software before they go live and give you invaluable peace of mind.

Advantages Of Hiring Certified Ethical Hackers

If you like what you’ve read so far and want a bit more detail, we’ll run through some of the core benefits of hiring a white hat hacker.

  • Limiting Business Liability: 
    Due diligence, investing in security, and using an accomplished ethical hacker means you can demonstrate your commitment to the protection of sensitive data to clients, business partners, and potential investors.   
  • Advanced Security Safeguards: 
    Hackers notoriously move at the speed of light, finding innovative ways to sneak through firewalls and other common security measures.
    An ethical hacker at the top of their game will be familiar with the latest methods that are being used to steal data, so they can quickly develop a way to counteract it. 
  • Reduced Losses: 
    A crashed website or system downtime resulting from a cyberattack can be a business-critical issue, resulting in substantial financial losses, along with the potential loss of consumer confidence. Ethical hackers work to prevent such events by identifying vulnerabilities before they are breached.
    If you suddenly find yourself the target of a cyber attack, ethical hackers can be brought on to minimize the damage and in some cases, they can stop the attack completely.

Should My Business Start Hiring Hackers as Security Consultants?

There are many business spaces where digital security is just as vital as having locks on the front door. And the hacker hiring phenomenon isn’t something that’s suddenly appeared from nowhere.

It arises from shocking stats:

  • Cybercrime rose 60% in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In 2018, there were 812.67 million malware infections, growing substantially from 12.4 million in 2009.
  • MacOS malware has skyrocketed by 165% in the last 12 months, and the widespread use of apps means that 99.9% of mobile malware is hosted through app stores – yep, even the one on your mobile!

Hiring hackers as security consultants isn’t just for multinational conglomerates or cybersecurity professionals – they’re an incredible resource for entrepreneurial businesses that want to protect themselves online.

There is no better way to understand how criminals behave or what weaknesses they might seek to exploit than by having someone on your team who can predict their next move with spooky accuracy, and keep your business safe from all potential threats. 

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