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How‌ ‌Much‌ ‌Does‌ ‌a‌ ‌Professional‌ ‌Logo‌ ‌Cost?‌

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Creating an engaging, distinctive, and unique logo is crucial for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd! The average cost tends to be from $300 to $1,300, but you should see it as an investment in quality marketing and brand awareness.

It might seem that anybody could design a logo – but a professional freelance designer will always be your best bet if you’d like striking artwork that speaks directly to your customers.

In this guide, we’ll answer how much does a professional logo cost, why that price varies so considerably, and how the design process works.

Can I Design My Business Logo Myself?

Of course, you might have the perfect design in mind that is synonymous with everything your brand stands for. And, if you have the skills to turn that idea into a piece of high-quality artwork, then go for it!

However, most businesses hire a professional graphic designer or logo creator. Here’s why:

  • Quality speaks for itself. An amateur logo is the first impression your customer will get, and it’s not a good one. Professional logos are created in hi-definition color, and even when reformatted into smaller sizes will look crisp and bright.
  • Professional designers don’t look solely at the here and now. They create timeless logos that won’t need a revamp in a couple of years.
  • Logo design can require a substantial amount of time to get it spot-on. Professional designers work fast. They know what works – which could mean your new logo will be ready to launch much sooner than if you undertook the project yourself.

If you have budget limitations, don’t think that rules you out from hiring a skilled designer to create an incredible logo!

Guru.com is a market-leading freelance platform where you can post a job requirement with any budget.

There are incredible designers out there who are building a portfolio or starting in the business offering fantastic value for money for their services!

It’s beneficial to shop around if you’re on a restricted budget, as there are often exceptional deals to be had.

What Are the Average Costs to Hire a Professional Logo Designer?

We’ve given the averages, which are between $300 and $1,300 for small or medium-sized businesses – and we get it, that’s a big difference!

The reason for these pricing variances is that there is a vast amount of choice when it comes to choosing the logo designer you think has the best fit.

Professional graphic design is also a highly sought-after skill. Your overall costs will be influenced by the skill and experience of the person you hire.

As an example:

  • Logo makers specializing in this type of work are generally the lowest-cost professionals. You can hire a freelance logo maker through Guru for as little as $50. Often, they’ll produce a few options, and you pay only for those you wish to use.
  • Freelance designers charge closer to $300 and above. This type of work is unique and customized to your business aspirations. You could choose to pay an hourly rate for an ongoing design collaboration or a fixed rate to create one logo that you’ll use on all of your brand publicity.
  • Design agencies are up there at the top of the price spectrum, along with hiring an in-house designer. Indicative costs are around $2,500 for a logo, usually part of a larger branding package. That cost often includes competitor analysis, market research, and brand mapping.

Therefore, if you’re after a stunning business logo, you have freedom of choice regarding your budget and what type of professional you commission to carry out the work.

What Information Will I Need to Give to My Logo Designer?

Design briefs are a crucial part of the logo creation process – and any freelancer logo designer worth their salt will need to know a bit of background before they can start work!

That’s because your logo isn’t just a company name or a graphic but has to encapsulate everything you stand for in one image.

Designers will typically ask for:

  • The business background – why you need a logo, how you want to use it, and whom your imagery needs to appeal to.
  • Brand values – what matters to you, and what you want your customers to think of when they hear your company name?
  • Style inspiration – do you have a particular color scheme, style, or ideas you’ve seen elsewhere that influence what you’d like from your logo?

They’ll also want to know about any slogans or trademarks you use. Those might be embedded into the design, or incorporated into the style.

A freelance logo designer will often produce a range of options. You can also request a logo package, which typically includes ready-made files for social media, documents, emails, website banners, and publicity materials.

Having a package makes sense if you’re likely to want to use your logo in all of your business communications to keep the branding consistent.

If I Use a Professional Logo Designer, Do I Own the Copyright?

A common query arises around copyright, but generally, it’s a non-issue, provided you work with a professional freelance designer through a reputable platform.

It’s always wise to check their profile, testimonials, and reviews to ensure you’re comfortable they’re the right person for the job!

In terms of copyright law, a graphic piece of art belongs to the person who created it. However, using a freelancer on a work-for-hire basis means that it belongs to you once you have paid for the job.

If you have any concerns about ownership of the logo, you can clarify that with your selected freelancer in advance.

Most professional logo designers are happy to discuss signing over copyright if the project isn’t on a work-for-hire basis, usually for a small additional fee.

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