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How Much Does a Resume Writer Cost?

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Applying for jobs can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive affair. You will spend hours writing cover letters and completing forms. That’s on top of the time trawling the internet for vacant positions that speak to you! Don’t forget that you also need to take steps so that every application you submit is of the highest quality.

Is your head spinning yet? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with ideas for how you can efficiently move forward in your job hunt. 

One way to speed up the application process is to get a professional resume done through a resume writer service. That way, you know that at least one part of your application is of a high standard.  

Here, we explore hiring a resume writer. We’ll examine whether a professional resume writer is worth it or not before identifying how much a resume writer costs. It’s crucial to know whether you are getting a good deal. 

Is It Worth Hiring a Resume Writer?

There are many advantages to hiring a resume writer. For one, it is quicker to get a professional to write and edit your curriculum vitae (CV). They can make quick and informed decisions about what strengthens your resume and what simply looks like padding. By hiring a professional, you’ll have their experience on your side for what you should and should not include in a resume. 

Secondly, they know how to lay out a resume. So many of us get caught up in formatting traps that trip us up while we try to optimize our content. A resume writer will know from the outset a suitable format for the type of industry you are applying for and tailor your resume accordingly to make your experience and skill set look great. 

As previously mentioned, applying for jobs is a time-consuming process. By knowing your resume is in professional hands from the start, you can be confident in already having one element of your application locked down. 

With the resume only needing minor tweaks, thanks to your professional writer, you now have the mental capacity to tailor other parts of your application, like your cover letter and job-specific forms. You need to use those parts of your application to set you apart from other candidates.

Studying for interviews means that you are well prepared for the next step of your job search. It also means that all the time and effort you made to apply for the vacant roles has paid off! A resume writer leaves you with time to research and focus on interview prep. 

A resume writer can give you more confidence, increase your chances of getting a job, and even help you achieve your dream job. Regardless of what a resume writer charges, they can be worth their weight in gold if it means you get your dream job or a job with a significant pay rise. 

How Much Should You Pay a Resume Writer?

Resume writing services vary a great deal in cost. You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $375 per resume. Sometimes it may be even as much as $400, depending on how complex your resume is. 

Companies also like to vary their prices according to turnaround time. The quicker you want your resume written and edited for you, the more you will have to pay. Plus, like most things, the more experienced a resume writer you pick, the more you will have to pay for them. 

Due to the significant differential in what you can expect to pay for a resume writer, you need to balance it against what you wish to earn. It could be that the jobs you are going for are so well-paying that hiring one of the most expensive resume writers out there is a significant investment, but one that will pay off. But remember—it could be worthless to pay for a costly writer if your salary is inherently low due to the industry, so make this choice wisely. 

Finally, you need to consider how much work experience you have. If you are only just starting, with little more than your educational credentials to write down, hiring an expensive resume writer may not provide good value for money. Instead, simply paying for a resume writer who can format your resume and make the most of your soft skills and extracurricular activities is best. 

Paying a Professional Resume Writer

Applying for jobs is a lengthy, necessary process. However, taking steps to find a new opportunity that inspires you helps you lead a more comfortable, satisfying life. Hiring a resume writer can be a fantastic idea if you are searching for something more. They can help you land a career that you are proud of to fund your dreams!

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