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Is Hiring a Professional Resume Writer Worth It?

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It is a widespread mistake for job seekers to underestimate how long it takes to apply to a new workplace. Increasingly, companies now use personalized application forms that are required to be filled out just to be considered at all. Writing cover letters can be time-consuming as they need constant updating for the specific job vacancy, industry, and company itself. 

One way to speed up your application submission pace is to have a killer resume ready that is clear, concise, and emphasizes why you are the applicant to hire. One way to ensure that your resume makes you shine is by using resume services, where professional writers compile, edit, and format your resume so that it reads exceptionally well. But how much does a resume writer cost, and is a resume writer worth it? 

Here, we look to answer those queries and ask some fundamental questions about whether resume writers are legitimate or whether they offer a fad product that simply wastes your hard-earned money. 

Let’s Talk About the Benefits

There are many advantages to hiring a resume writer to build your resume from start to finish. We have touched upon one such benefit already—it’s just so much quicker than writing one yourself. 

Without a professional’s help, you will end up spending long, arduous hours on your resume. However, when you do not have much experience writing resumes, you simply make superficial changes that lack meaning, doing nothing to help land you a job. 

On the other hand, a resume writer has a wealth of experience. With a specialty in resumes, you can expect them to have a great deal of prior knowledge in formatting resumes enhancing your work history. 

When you have found a great hire, they will be able to look at your curriculum vitae (CV), translate the info to your resume, and make it look great with ease. With little input from you, writers can achieve this turnaround quickly. Your resume will be ready to go sooner than if you had completed the task yourself! It immediately speeds up your job search. 

Hiring a professional also improves the quality of your application, so expect to quickly be put forward for interviews or the next stage of a job application process. That’s crucial as it means you increase your chances of successfully applying for a job from the outset. 

It is easy to argue that hiring a resume writer is well worth the investment. If you have a successful application, you will start your new position quickly, earning money far sooner than you may have expected. That’s what we call a return on your investment! 

Of course, it is possible to try getting a job without a resume writer, but those who use them find that the speed at which they get offered a job more than makes up for shelling out some cash. And who can argue with a sooner-than-expected paycheck?

Are Resume Professional Writers Legit?

Some people are rightly concerned about using a resume writer out of fear that the quality does not match the cost. Some may even question whether such resume writers are legit and not total fraudsters. After all, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

As in any industry, there is the potential for this kind of sneaky behavior, and you don’t want to end up paying someone for a substandard product. Luckily, there are easy ways to protect yourself. 

For example, hiring a resume writer through Guru and asking your potential writer pertinent questions during the interview can help guarantee that you are never in a position where you are taken advantage of and lose money. 

Guru has checks and payment procedures in place to keep fraud at bay. Their review features help reduce the risk of working with someone who lies about their experience. It is an excellent way to help you find the best resume writer for you and your budget without having to worry about con artists. 

Key Takeaways

Having a professionally written resume may sound like an unnecessary cost to some. However, the advantages of hiring a resume writer can be financially rewarding, like getting a job that pays better and starts sooner than you imagined. 

By optimizing your resume and making it show your experience clearly, your potential employer is far more likely to read your CV and understand why you are an excellent candidate. 

And just as important, having someone write your resume for you prevents the wasting of your time when it comes to sending out resumes that will never attract the proper attention from an employer. So check out Guru to find a resume writer to help you shine up your resume and present your application in the best light possible.

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