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How Much Does It Cost to Develop an iOS App?

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The cost of developing an iOS app depends on several factors like the type of app, the features you want in your app, how many people are working on it, the hourly rate of the developers working on your app, and much more.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question considering the many variables involved. Plus, developers charge different rates for their services and may even offer a flat fee or hourly rate.

If you want your app developed by someone with extensive experience in the field, you can expect to pay more than settling for a freelancer or student developer. This article will give you a breakdown of the average cost to develop an iOS app, depending on specific factors.

So, what is the average iOS developer hourly rate? How can you find an iOS developer or hire freelance iOS developers? Let’s find out!

The Cost of Developing an iOS App 

If you want to get a general sense of how much it costs to build an iOS app, you might use the following cost calculation for iOS app development.

The average cost of developing a mobile iOS application is: 

iOS platform + UI/UX development hours x (Development Time x Developers Hourly Rate)

While this calculator gives you a rough estimate of how much an iOS app might cost, it does not consider extra factors that can affect your project’s final price. Here are some variables that influence the cost of developing an iOS app.

Factors Affecting the Cost of iOS App Development

The Type of App

The first factor that affects the cost of developing an iOS app is the type of app you want to make. A social media or messaging app will be much less expensive to create than a gaming app or augmented reality experience.

So, if you want to develop a gaming app, expect to spend more than $100,000. If your budget is limited and can only afford around $50,000, it would be wise to go with a basic messaging or social media app instead of an augmented reality experience.

Size of the App

The size of the application also affects its price. A simple app without many features or elements will be cheaper to develop than a medium-size or enterprise-sized app.

A small app that requires one to two months to build would cost you $5,000 to $10,000. A medium-sized app that requires two to six months to develop would cost you around $10,000 to $50,000. Additionally, an enterprise app that requires six months or more to develop would cost you at least $50,000.

Similarly, an app with more complicated features or a large user base will be more expensive to develop than a basic and streamlined one.

App Features

Another factor that affects how much it costs to develop an iOS app is the features you want in your app. It will cost more to develop if you wish to have many features or specific functionality, such as in-app purchases or GPS tracking.

Conversely, if you don’t need certain features included in your app, your overall development costs will be lower.

Time Needed to Develop the App

The amount of time needed to develop the app is also a factor that affects your budget. If you have a shorter deadline, then expect your total development cost to be higher because the developers will need more time for this project. Conversely, if you have a longer timeline for development, the price per hour will be lower.

Number of Developers Involved in The Project

Finally, the cost to develop an iOS app is also determined by how many developers work on your project. If you have a small team developing your app, then expect to pay more per person than if you had a large development company with numerous employees working on your project. Also, the more experienced the developers are, the higher their hourly rate will be.

Here is a breakdown of the average iOS developer hourly rate by location:

[ninja_tables id=”15190″]

Based on this list, you can find an iOS developer that fits your budget. But before you hire freelance iOS developers from the country of your choice, ensure that you conduct a review of their portfolio to see if they match the skills you seek.

Thus, if you have a bigger budget for an iOS app project but need the work done quickly, it is best to look for experienced freelance developers from the USA and Russia.

If your budget is low and you are willing to wait longer for your iOS app development project to be completed, it would be in your best interest to find a development company with lots of developers and lower hourly rates.

So, what is the average cost to develop an iOS app? In summary, there is no definitive answer to this question. However, by taking these different factors into account, you can better understand what to expect.

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