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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Node.js Developer?

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Node.js is one of the most popular open-source JavaScript runtime environments used by software programmers to develop apps. This cross-platform back-end environment was launched in 2009, and its popularity has been growing steadily ever since. Prominent online brands, such as PayPal, Yahoo, and others, have been using this back-end environment because of the numerous benefits it offers. If you want to use Node.js to develop an app for your startup, and you are not a professional software programmer, you have to hire Node.js programmers to develop the app for you.

This brings us to the question: How much does it cost to hire a Node.js developer? Many factors determine how much your Node.js developer will charge you for your project. This article discusses these parameters, and the tips to hire Node.js developers.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a Node.js Developer

As there are numerous variables involved in hiring a Node.js developer for an app development project, these tips to hire Node.js developers can be very useful. Also, every project presents unique characteristics and inevitabilities that you have to factor in when hiring a developer. For example, the amount of time, expertise, and effort needed to make a payment integration API is quite different from creating a chatbot. So, you’ll need to hire Node.js developers with relevant experience in creating a secure payment API. Following are the main factors that determine the cost of hiring a Node.js programmer.

The Scale of Your Project

As noted above, the scale of your project will determine the level of expertise you require. If the project involves creating a chatbot for your app, a developer with a general knowledge of Node.js will do. But if it involves developing a payment integration API, you’ll need a professional developer with extensive knowledge and expertise specifically in developing payment APIs. The scale of your project will also be determined by the number of processes involved in the flow diagram, lines of code, function points, entities in the ER diagram, and more.

It is better if you can assess these metrics before hiring your developers because they will help you estimate the scale of your project, the number of Node.js developers to hire, and how much to pay them. Remember that the larger the scale of your project, the more resources you will need, to get it done. The good thing is that Node.js works for both large and small-scale app development projects. So, you can still enjoy its benefits without breaking the bank.

The Complexity of Your Project

It’s needless to say that the more complex your project is, the higher the cost of hiring a Node.js developer will be. But if you only need a simple setup with basic features, you can hire a developer with mid-level expertise. However, if your project involves developing an app with complex functionalities, and special features, you’ll need a veteran programmer.

For instance, if you want to develop an app with highly advanced security features, a novice won’t cut it. You need to hire not just any seasoned software programmer, but one with extensive experience in developing innovative application security. Unfortunately, there are quite a few such experts. So, expect them to charge more than the novices, and “generalists.”

Complexity also refers to the amount of time needed to develop certain features. Complex features will take longer to create because they require a higher level of meticulousness, along with continuous testing to ensure every stage of development is free of errors. Accordingly, developers will expect you to compensate them for the long hours.

Required Expertise

As noted above, each app development project comes with unique requirements. The more specialized skills your project requires, the more expensive hiring developers will be. So, if your project involves developing special features, you have to hire a seasoned developer with the required skills. Such developers tend to charge more than novices.

The years of experience also matter greatly when you are choosing a Node.js developer. If the developer has been active in the field for many years, it means that they’ve handled multiple projects and have the necessary experience to handle complex projects. Other important skills which will determine the cost of your Node.js developer include error handling, timeline management, and the ability to write effective codes.    

For beginners, their services may range between $20 and $30 per hour, especially if they are freelancing. Mid-level Node.js developers earn between $30 and $60 per hour, while expert-level developers earn between $60 and $90 per hour for their services.

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