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How to Apply Machine Learning in Web Development

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If you are one of the thousands of U.S. business owners looking to hire a machine learning developer to enhance your digital presence, Guru is an excellent place to start. Machine learning is a perfect way to revamp legacy websites, dramatically improve customer engagement, and reimagine the features and functions your web pages offer.

Today, we’ll explain how machine learning applies to web development, look at common use cases, and run through some helpful guidance about finding the right machine learning freelancer for your brand.

How to Use Machine Learning to Upscale Business Websites

What can you do with machine learning to improve the way your website, apps, and digital features perform? Machine learning analyzes data, a cornerstone of effective web development, helping engineers classify and categorize data and funnel that into useful, automated information streams.

Examples of Machine Learning in Web Development

  • Chatbots are widely used throughout digital marketing, offering 24/7 customer support, access to responsive FAQ features, and on-demand information about order status, tracking, and delivery times.
  • Content generators can personalize website display pages, adjusting them to fit the customer’s name, location, language, or currency.
  • Email campaigns use machine learning to customize email titles, CTA links, email content, or recommended products based on an analysis of past customer behaviors, purchases, or browsing activities.
  • Web design uses artificial intelligence to build optimized website pages, extracting key branding and formatting from existing data banks, and formulating the ideal placement for key features, banners, or popups.

Businesses can even create an entire website from scratch using machine learning, but some professional software development oversight is normally advisable to ensure your web development projects conform to your expectations.

What Are the Benefits of Machine-Learning Assisted Web Development?

Companies are increasingly focused on UI and UX (user interface and user experience design); these are essential factors for competitive sectors where customer perceptions directly influence market share and revenue. These themes are important in web development and can be enhanced with machine learning applications, such as dynamic display and interactive response mechanisms.

Other advantages include the following:

  • A greater understanding of visitor behaviors: E-commerce businesses use machine learning to screen customer actions and decide how to showcase functionality, features, or product specifications that meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Faster responses and information filtering: Machine learning algorithms analyze customer inquiries and extract the relevant answer or signpost the visitor to the right website section.
  • Improved protection from security issues: Machine learning innovations allow systems to recognize spam attacks or malicious activity, distinguishing whether a website is likely to be phishing.
  • Personalized marketing: Online retailers commonly use machine learning to decide what to advertise to you. Think Netflix series recommendations or suggested products on Amazon, with customized marketing to boost greater spending or faster checkout speeds.

The right implementation and use of machine learning will vary between companies, websites, and digital interfaces but can be adopted in multiple ways, depending on your KPIs.

How to Find the Right Freelancer to Integrate Machine Learning Into Web Development

Professional machine learning developers often provide a combination of services. The right freelancer for you will depend on the web development project you have in mind and the specific tasks or functionalities you would like them to implement.

For example, if you have an app written in Python, C++, or MATLAB, one of your key priorities will be to hire a machine learning expert who is also proficient in those programming languages. Guru currently has more than 8,500 machine learning freelancers available to hire, giving you a wide choice of specialisms, price points, and skills. Our top machine learning providers combine skill sets and knowledge to provide end-to-end project management, whether you wish to tweak existing websites to add advanced capabilities or start designing a new app from scratch.

Examples of related skills that may be relevant include:

  • Data analysis and algorithm development
  • Digital and content marketing
  • App development and customer service 
  • Concept and firmware development
  • Data modeling and image processing

Another factor to consider is the experience your selected freelancer has. Data science developers with a strong portfolio and positive feedback from start-ups will be the best option for early-stage businesses.

If in doubt, the simplest option may be to post a free job specification and invite quotations from suitably qualified machine learning developers. You can browse each freelance profile at your convenience and review coding skills, expertise, the number of projects completed, and portfolio work to ensure your selected machine learning developer has the right skills for your project.

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