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What Can You Do With Machine Learning?

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An increasing number of business owners and entrepreneurs are deciding to hire machine learning developers through Guru, one of the fastest-growing platforms for skilled freelancers. As AI applications increase, companies are looking at how to apply machine learning in web development to boost their competitive edge, respond faster and more intelligently to customer demand, and enhance the quality of their support services.

If you’re new to AI-enabled applications, you may wonder what a machine learning engineer does and what benefits could they bring to your company. There isn’t one easy answer because machine learning is a multi-faceted area where talented developers find ways to sort, analyze and extract data to create innovative apps, responsive web features, and virtual assistants.

Popular uses of machine learning technology include:

  • Traffic predictions: Commuter apps, ticket-booking services, public transport providers, and any company offering delivery services use machine learning to update automatic tracking data. For example, if your takeout delivery driver is stuck in traffic, your app might automatically add five minutes to your expected arrival time.
  • Security: CCTV systems equipped with machine learning understand what normal looks like and what it doesn’t. If a car has been stationary in your parking lot for more time than any shift, the system could activate an alarm to prompt security personnel to investigate.
  • Email marketing: Machine learning developers can create spam filters and detection solutions to prevent malware or spyware from reaching your company email system or use personalized targeting to improve your promotional reach.
  • Customer support: Millions of websites now invite customers to ask questions, often through an AI-enabled chatbot, which scans your FAQs, website data, and knowledge banks to find immediate answers.

Machine learning is everywhere and has limitless potential to improve how businesses serve customers, provide added value, and predict behaviors to help them target their operations.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Machine Learning Engineer?

The examples above touch on just a fraction of the ways a machine learning developer might adapt your systems, apps, website pages, or internal databases to optimize processes–but what might you expect to pay?

Much depends on the scope and nature of your machine learning development project and the skills or expertise you need from your engineer. Hourly rates on Guru start from as little as $25 to $50, although most developers will have a per-project minimum, which can be helpful if you need to assess the total cost of your project before you begin.

You can also specify a project you have in mind, such as developing a bespoke, on-brand virtual assistant or upgrading a customer app to improve the quality of the service on offer. We have an extensive network of verified machine learning developers, and you can request direct quotations from interested freelancers or select preferred individuals to contact and discuss pricing estimates with.

Some engineers specialize in specific areas or sectors, such as machine learning for fraud detection and prevention or developing AI to sort, filter, and process large data banks. It is important to provide as much detail as possible about your project to ensure the quotes you receive are accurate and relevant.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Machine Learning Developer?

The vast majority of businesses, excluding perhaps software-based enterprises, need to develop or improve their app, website functionality, or customer service tools periodically, but do not require a full-time, in-house AI professional.

Working with Guru has several advantages:

  • Handpick your preferred freelancer, with full oversight of their rates, skills, qualifications, and past project success, to make informed decisions.
  • Establish project parameters and budgets from the outset, without surprises or paying for work before it is completed.
  • Achieve exceptional value with a broad number of freelancers, including highly skilled experts and entry-level developers, with a range of price points and project charges.
  • Safe payments, with funds protected through the Guru SafePay system to ensure you can review the work before releasing your remittance.

Posting a job is completely free of charge, and you can even hire multiple machine learning developers at the same time if you have several requirements or a complex app design project at hand. Just use our flexible WorkRooms structure to communicate and collaborate all in one place!

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