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What Does a Machine Learning Engineer Do?

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Machine learning developers and engineers work with artificial intelligence, data analysis, and algorithms to make business processes faster, more immersive, and significantly more efficient.

What can you do with machine learning, and why are so many companies hiring developers? There are countless applications, but machine learning is used in everything from automated email filters, search engines, and secure banking software to fraud identification technology–all of which can feed into your strategic business goals.

Why Hire a Machine Learning Developer?

Machine learning development is a specific niche skill. It is far more cost-effective for most organizations to hire a freelance engineer to create the application or feature they require.

You can also hire a developer to review your current systems or interfaces, and recommend solutions to help improve UX, make data processing faster, or enhance the quality of your customer service. Analysts predict that machine learning and AI will support around 90% of all new enterprise apps and 95% of customer interactions by 2025, so hiring an experienced developer can gain a competitive advantage.

Talented machine learning developers are adept at problem-solving, finding new ways to harness the power of AI, and teaching your operating systems how to streamline processes, such as using data banks to target marketing.

What Can a Machine Learning Freelancer Do?

Guru is a leading freelance network, providing businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers the opportunity to hire skilled, capable engineers for any size or scale of machine learning project. We’ve seen demand for capable machine learning professionals grow considerably over the last couple of years as more and more enterprises look for innovative ways to improve and upgrade their digital assets and apps.

Here are a few popular projects and tasks machine learning engineers are commonly tasked with:

  • Improving customer support: Developing virtual assistants and AI-enabled FAQ sections help ensure visitors can find information on-demand.
  • Optimizing logistics: From planning the fastest delivery routes to scheduling production work, an AI tool can make your business more efficient.
  • Identifying problems: Machine learning systems can predict stock shortages, anticipate downtime, or flag where demand for a component or inventory part is likely to outstrip availability.
  • Data management: Systems that interpret activity, behaviors, or models can provide meaningful insights into how customers react to a product or service, which promotions to prioritize, or areas needing improvement.
  • Accurate forecasting: Forecast modeling can be complex, but is simplified through machine learning. Computational models can anticipate performance, act as a monitoring tool, and produce detailed planning sheets.

What to Look for in a Freelance Machine Learning Engineer

The right developer or engineer for your business will depend on the project you have in mind, or on whether you are simply exploring the opportunities available to decide where machine learning would provide the biggest benefit! However, all machine learning engineers should have the following skills or qualifications:

  • Proven experience in software engineering, data science, coding, and programming, in whichever languages your enterprise uses
  • Advanced skills in statistics, mathematics, computer science, or a relevant alternative area
  • A master’s degree in neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, or a linked field of study
  • Knowledge of computing architecture, problem-solving, teamwork skills, and experience working with machine learning frameworks, libraries, and packages

If you have a specific project in mind, you can post a job on Guru and invite quotations from qualified machine learning engineers and compare pricing and turnaround times at your convenience. Alternatively, you can browse our machine learning professionals online and contact specific freelancers with the skills, knowledge, and industry experience you require.

Which Industries Do Machine Learning Developers Work In?

Every sector and industry utilizes machine learning, but it is particularly important in manufacturing, medicine, education, and automotive. For example, AI algorithms are commonly integrated into apps and communication platforms to support virtual consultations, patient data management, and cross-analysis of indicators to collate information from multiple sources.

However, machine learning is highly relevant in any commercial field. It can be adapted to the task at hand, from creating AI-powered forecasts to analyzing quarterly performance and automating marketing activities.

As a promotional tool, machine learning can revolutionize the success of advertising and digital marketing campaigns by introducing assets such as:

  • Personalized marketing content
  • More specific demographic targeting
  • Nudges to prevent customers from abandoning a cart 
  • Making customized product recommendations
  • Offering virtual customer assistance

Machine learning is also used throughout recruitment as a fast, low-cost way to screen applicants, make sure recruiters remove unconscious bias from decision-making, and ensure recruitment drives are fully inclusive.

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