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How to Convince Management to Hire More Staff

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Whether you are managing a team, the head of your department, or a part of upper management at your company and need to hire more staff, you will need to get a green light from your boss to move forward. 

Once in a while, this will be easy to get, but it usually takes some convincing before you can get what you want or need, especially if you intend to include the issue of compensation for freelancers.

In such situations, the key is to talk to senior management so that they will end up seeing things the way you do. The first step toward achieving this goal involves building a strong business case that will convince them.

The following information outlines several steps that can help you in persuading management to hire more staff.  


If your company happens to be currently undertaking various cost-cutting measures, then it would probably not be a good time to request additional staff, even if it’s to hire a freelance blog writer

Try to look at the full scope of what your boss is dealing with when you approach them with your request. However, if the company is in a good position financially, you should go ahead.

Create a Situation Where It Will Be Hard for Them to Say No

If you don’t present evidence that will help support your request for additional staff, then management will think twice about saying yes. Remember, hiring more staff means extra costs for the company.

As a result, you need to show that doing so will lead to tangible benefits. You can even outline for them the pros and cons of full-time employment to soften them up. 

The other thing is to come up with a proposal that will persuade the top executives at your company that hiring new staff will be the best thing for the business and its associates.

Present Possible Consequences of Failing to Hire More Staff

It is vital that, when asking for extra staff, that you explain to management what will happen if they fail to take your recommendations seriously. You can highlight possible issues like missed deadlines or lowered customer satisfaction using verifiable data. 

You could also say that your team or the office employees, in general, are struggling with the current workload.  

One of the best ways to prove your claim regarding reduced customer satisfaction is to show customer reviews or survey responses. This sort of data will more than likely impact your boss’s decision more convincingly than something you heard from someone else.

Highlight the Benefits of Adding New Staff

You have to show management how the company stands to benefit from the expertise brought on by adding new staff. For instance, you can say that an additional workforce will enable employees to do more work and dedicate essential resources to projects that are time-sensitive. 

Another good point to make is that HR will be able to avoid the hassle of finding and hiring freelance contractors, who would be an additional cost. 

You should also demonstrate the value of in-house staff in the best way possible and ask your boss to think about how growing internal teams can present an image of success to clients.

Tell Them the Kind of Staff You Need

To get management on board with your idea, you will have to explain what kind of additional staff you would like to hire. Come up with the number of people you need, what roles they would fill, what sort of skills and experience they will bring to the company, and what salaries you want to offer them. 

All this will give management a clear indication of how much it will cost the business.

In Summary

Hiring more staff can be very beneficial to a company. It can help to increase its customer base, bring in more revenue, and improve client relations. 

The key is to know how to present the issue to management. You have to remember that hiring more staff means more costs, and the goal of every profit-making business is to reduce expenses and increase revenue. As a result, you will have to show how hiring more staff will help the company achieve those goals. From managers to expert advisor programmers, you can find the professional you need at Guru.

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