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How to Create a Professional PowerPoint Presentation

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Whether it’s reporting data or sharing a breakthrough or arguing for a new approach to a problem, everyone eventually needs to present information to others. If you have anxiety about preparing for an upcoming presentation, worry not. While you can always hire freelance presentation designers, there are numerous techniques you can use on your own to create a PowerPoint presentation that looks and feels professional.

Preparing an important presentation can put a lot of pressure on anyone. Creating professional PowerPoint presentations requires a bit of skill, a lot of time, and an understanding how to utilize the software to its potential.

Whether you are aiming to prepare a presentation for academia or business, the design behind the presentation will play an important role. Good planning will help ensure your presentation is understood and that both you and the information leave a good impression on your audience.

Today, we will be jumping into how to create a professional PowerPoint presentation.

1. Try Out Templates 

It’s up for debate what the first step in designing an effective presentation is, but an easy place to start is by looking at the many PowerPoint templates. Using default templates provided by PowerPoint can make your presentation feel a bit lazy, especially for those that have used the software in the past. However, you can analyze their design language, color-scheme choices, and text placement, and use that information to create your own unique design. The main goal of trying out templates isn’t to use them, but to gain a broader perspective on design possibilities. 

2. Put an Emphasis on the Visual Aspect of Each Slide

If you stylize your presentation well, it should never be boring to the viewer. Throughout the process, contemplate how you can make your slides fun as well as engaging for people to view and read. You don’t want to be in direct competition with your slides, however, so you need to develop your presentations in a way that helps illustrate what you are saying.

3. Strategically Select Colors and Fonts

Colors are an entire science by themselves. If you take the time to study colors and know which ones complement each other, you can bring the graphic elements of your presentations to a whole new level. Ensure that your colors complement each other and you will ensure that your presentation looks as polished and as clean as possible. If you are having difficulties when it comes to mastering colors or other design elements, you can always hire freelance presentation designers from a reliable platform like Guru.

4. Grab Attention With a Strong Cover

Your cover plays an important role, and it must grab the attention of your audience. You can use specific elements to enhance this—choosing proper shapes, colors, and icons to create a simple and efficient slide design. By intentionally using white space in your presentation, you can also leverage the power of a minimalistic design. You should also be careful that your presentation never features so many elements that it looks cluttered. 

5. Encourage Audience Participation Through Visual Language

You need to keep your audience as engaged and as interested as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is through visual language. Adding humor or a small mental challenge to a slide will pull your audience’s mind toward thinking more about the topic you are discussing. 

Practice makes perfect, so ensure that you make multiple designs and presentations prior to finalizing a specific design or direction. After a few attempts at using the advice above, you’ll be making magnetic and effective presentations in no time.

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