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Presentation Designer Costs

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Creating a presentation using tools like PowerPoint can be difficult. Newcomers to the software might face a lot of difficulties when wanting to create unique, eye-catching, and professional presentations.

Because of this, presentation design has popped up as a profession, and today, there is a large number of freelance experts out there that can help you. Today, we will be taking a look at what it means to hire freelance presentation designers and how much they cost–this can range from $5 to $20 an hour or around $200 as a flat rate for an entire presentation.

A presentation designer is typically a person that has gathered a high level of experience within the field of designing templates and layouts and can follow specific guidelines set out by a brand or client. They know how to create a professional PowerPoint presentation or how to make solid presentations using other software.

Presentation designers can also come on to solve issues surrounding a presentation, such as its layout structure, color scheme mismatching, ineffective design, or blurry images. The duties of a presentation designer involve assessing the length and style of a specific presentation, while also picking the perfect font, graphics, and visual elements to complement it. 

When it comes to costs, what you need to accept first is the fact that if you want true quality, you will need to pay a decent amount of money. There will always be freelancers willing to work for as cheap as possible, but their results might not always meet your standards.

There are numerous types of costs associated with a presentation designer. These come in the form of an hourly rate, a per-slide rate, or a whole piece rate.

1. Hourly Rate

If the presentation is complex and has a lot of elements, it will take more hours to complete; however, if it is a simple presentation, then only a few hours will be required for its completion. If the presentation you need is on the shorter side, it could be more cost-efficient for you to go this route. 

The hourly rate for a presentation designer can start from $5 to $10 an hour and goes up from there. If you truly want an expert, hourly rates can reach above $20 an hour.

2. Per-Slide Rate

The per-slide rate, as the name might imply, is a form of payment where you pay for each slide in the presentation that requires attention. For example, you might be proficient at designing slides with a minimalistic design and want an eye-popping artwork or unique image to pop up mid-presentation to grab the attention of your audience. This is where the per-slide rate might be the most cost-effective for you. The typical per-slide fee is around $25 per slide; this can differ based on experience, reputation, and other factors.

3. Whole Piece Rate

This is a single payment for an entire presentation. Once you agree to a fixed, one-time payment, the designer gets to work on creating the best possible presentation for you. The pricing for this specific approach will be dependent on the scope of the overall project and can reach above $200.

Presentations can be career-changing, and sometimes, it’s not worth it to try to do it yourself. Rates for designers change based on where they’re from, their years of experience, and their area of expertise. Once you’ve established what you need, you can find the best candidate to match your qualifications and budget on a reliable freelancer hiring platform like Guru!

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