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How to Hire an Academic Writer

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Academic writing is a formal style of writing which is structured, focused, and clear. This style of writing is usually used in universities and scholarly publications, and its goal is to efficiently inform readers using real evidence. Academic writers usually use a specific vocabulary and structure that is different from those of regular content writers.

When it comes to hiring an academic writer, your best bet is to find one who matches your specific needs and specifications on a reliable freelancer hiring platform like Guru.

What Do Academic Writers Do?

The main goal of academic writing is to pass on scholarly information to academic scholars and researchers. Many incredibly talented people across the globe have extensive technical knowledge and the skill to conduct fascinating research but lack the time and writing skills to publish a report, thesis, or essay. This is where academic freelance writers come in. An academic freelance writer takes on these researchers’ works and writes a formally structured thesis or research paper for fellow scholars. Academic writers are usually hired to write in fields like applied science, natural science, social science, and humanities.

Generally, there are four types of academic writing—analytical, descriptive, persuasive, and critical academic thinking. Writers will take assignments based on their area of specialization. Here are a few writing services freelance academic writers offer:

  • Research papers and reports
  • Journal articles
  • Writing academic web pages
  • Writing conference papers
  • Writing thesis
  • Writing project proposals
  • Writing dissertations

Rules Academic Writers Must Follow

Academic writing needs to be solid and avoid any sort of errors, and for that, academic writing:

  • Needs to be original
  • Needs to be concise and clear
  • Must maintain a formal structure
  • Must be supported by evidence
  • Must follow publication guidelines

Academic Writer Qualifications

Academic writers are required to be highly qualified. Here are some qualifying skills a freelance academic writer needs to have:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Knowledge of the common styles such as Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, and APA
  • Attention to details
  • Strong analytical and strategic skills

Before hiring an academic writer, be sure the writer is familiar with the specific academic field you are researching.

Where Can You Hire an Academic Writer?

There are numerous websites where you can hire a freelance academic writer. Guru is a website with a user base of highly skilled, efficient, and dependable academic writers from all over the world. It has a large number of freelance writers with extensive experience and skills.

You can post an unlimited number of jobs for free on Guru, and its search tool is excellent. Guru provides access to over two million freelancers and 24/7 support, making it a great option for hiring academic writers.

How to Hire an Academic Writer on Guru

  • Go to Guru’s website and click on “Post a Job.”
  • After that, you’ll be taken to a page where job-related information must be entered.
  • Enter all of the necessary information such as job title, category, description, compensation, and preferences–to learn about the hourly rate of an academic writer, check out this recent post.
  • Log in to Guru, and post your job. You can also click “Sign Up” to create a Guru account.
  • Double-check all of the information you’ve input, and you’re all done.

When a freelancer is hired on Guru, a WorkRoom is created where you can communicate with your writer and easily keep track of the project’s progress.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a skilled academic writer for your research report or academic essay can be stressful, but with the help of Guru, you can easily find your ideal academic writer. Simply search for qualified, experienced writers on the platform or post a job and have writers matching your specifications come right to you.

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