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How to Write a Good Academic Cover Letter

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Cover letters are a prerequisite for almost every job application, including academic positions. Academic cover letters are usually allowed to be a bit longer than other cover letters, but they come with their own difficulties. Your academic cover letter must be clear and concise, but also evidence-based. 

Writing a good cover letter may seem tough, but with a bit of research and focus–and possibly some expert help–you can do it. If you don’t want to invest your time working on an academic cover letter and would rather have a professional writer take the reins, hiring a freelance academic writer on a freelancer hiring platform like Guru is a great choice. 

Begin With a Clear Identity

To get shortlisted as a candidate, your cover letter has to stand out. Your opening paragraph should inform the reader about your current work and research field, and most importantly, it should answer why you’re the most suitable candidate for this post.

Evidence Over Everything

In a job application for an academic position, you want to present yourself in a way that will impress potential employers, but you need to be careful not to come across as arrogant. A strong approach can be to present evidence, such as mentioning your achievements matter-of-factly rather than simply saying you’re good at something.

Don’t Write a Novel

Just because you should cite evidence doesn’t mean you should flood the entire cover letter with proof of your success. Focus on your key achievements, and let your cover letter showcase your career highlights.

Keep It to a Page or Two

Going beyond two pages in an academic cover letter is typically seen as a negative; many people are selected for lectureships and fellowships with a single-page cover letter.

Don’t think you need to reduce the margin lines or shrink the fonts, either. Focus on what matters and be concise—your employees will appreciate the easier read.

Specify Your Field

When explaining why you want to join a particular department, be specific when expressing how you can contribute. Clearly explain exactly how your expertise and experience relate to the employer’s area of focus. Remember that to win them over, you need to persuade them into believing you’re the right candidate.

Be Yourself

Many times, you may feel compelled to present yourself as someone you’re not to try to impress someone and get a job. Even if you think you’re not the best fit, give it your best shot—be you and be confident. Showcase your achievements in the field of your department, and let the employer get a feel for who you really are and what you bring to the table.

Hiring an Academic Writer

Another route you can take is hiring an academic writer to write your cover letter. Many talented people have the ability to conduct fascinating research but lack the writing skills required to create an effective academic cover letter explaining their experience and achievements. These people often hire freelance academic writers to write their academic cover letters.

Hiring an academic writer to write your cover letter can help ensure you get an effective, clear, and detailed academic cover letter without giving yourself a headache.

Where Can You Hire an Academic Writer?

You can find academic writers for hire on various freelance websites. Any high-quality freelance marketplace like Guru can help you find an experienced academic writer. If you’re wondering what the hourly rate is for academic freelance writers, academic writers charge varying fees based on a variety of factors. They can charge anywhere from $25 to $40 per hour, depending on their work experience and workload.

Luckily, Guru makes it incredibly easy for you to find a qualified, skilled freelance academic writer to complete your academic cover letter for you, as its wide selection of available writers will help ensure you’re matched with the perfect candidate to suit your needs and budget. Try a simple search on Guru.com, or post a free job listing and have experienced writers come to you.

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