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How to Scale Amazon FBA

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When done right, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a very lucrative business channel for many people. It allows sellers to outsource their fulfillment processes to Amazon, leveraging their massive fulfillment centers and expansive consumer market. 

Starting on the platform is easy, and with good products and effective marketing, getting a steady stream of revenue is possible as early as your first month. But what do you do when you want to take it to the next level—when you want to stop thinking, “How much does it cost to start using Amazon FBA?” and shift to “How can I make more money on Amazon FBA?”

There are plenty of ways to scale your Amazon FBA business, and the best way to maximize all of these methods is to hire an Amazon FBA consultant on Guru to guide you through the most effective practices based on the nature and goals of your enterprise. To give you a few ideas, here are eight things you can do to scale Amazon FBA:

Get Help

When you want to scale your Amazon FBA, you may want to hire experts who can optimize your operations, from copywriters to write product descriptions to photographers to take your product photos. One key addition to your team should be an Amazon FBA consultant. 

This professional is an expert on the FBA platform; someone who is adept in optimizing e-commerce businesses for maximum profit. Hiring one on Guru, a top freelance marketplace, is an effective step towards scaling your Amazon business. 

They can help you understand how the market works and how you can leverage your unique business conditions to reach success. Plus, they can help you manage some of your FBA tasks.

Build Your Brand

People don’t buy a product for the product; they invest in something for the value they bring to their lives. You must build your brand outside of Amazon and communicate what your products can do for your target market, whether that’s by word-of-mouth or through a social media presence, linking everything back to your Amazon product listing. At the beginning of your scaling efforts, be sure that you properly spread brand awareness so that you can organically bring in traffic.

Follow a Marketing Strategy

There are several ways to market your Amazon FBA business, from Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) and keyword rankings to content and social media marketing. You mustn’t go into these promotional tactics blindly. Create a plan that makes sense for your brand, outlining your budget and goals for each campaign.

Optimize Your Listings

An optimized product listing will give you better visibility on Amazon, increasing your clicks, sales, and, ultimately, your profits. Be clear in your descriptions, making sure to use keywords that will help it rank on search engines. Use a searchable title, high-quality images, and clear pricing, then augment your efforts by including a string of backend keywords.

Launch More Products

Even if you’ve got the best product in the market, it likely won’t be making you profit sustainably (unless you’re raking in over $100,000 a month), especially considering that newer, better products are bound to enter in the future. While you can improve your existing products or even add more product variations, you can also try launching more products, whether in your existing category, where you’d have a lot of insight already, or in a new category, where you can explore other ventures.

Expand to Other Markets

Amazon offers the opportunity to expand to its other markets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and India. They’ll even help you ship your products to their international warehouses! You can then sell your products in these markets; though make sure that you do proper research before you do, accounting for differences in consumers, supply, and demand.

Explore Other Business Models

FBA isn’t the only business model on Amazon that can generate profits. You can also leverage other methods such as wholesale, drop shipping, retail arbitrage, or affiliate marketing to scale your existing business by expanding your reach, increasing your product lifecycle regeneration, and attracting new customers.

Scale Amazon FBA With a Freelance Amazon FBA Consultant From Guru

A freelance Amazon FBA consultant from Guru can guide you through scaling your FBA business, giving you the tips you need to effectively and sustainably grow your operations, all while assisting you optimize your existing Amazon presence. You can easily hire an Amazon FBA consultant on Guru, a top freelance marketplace. 

Simply upload a job post or search for qualified candidates, then hire them in a few clicks. The platform even makes it easy for you to manage the entire project right on the site–hire an Amazon FBA consultant on Guru today!

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