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Hiring FBA Amazon Consulting Services FAQs

Are you ready to enroll your Amazon business in FBA, or do you need to compare FBA versus third-party fulfillment? Unsure how to manage the logistics of dispatching mixed SKUs to hundreds of Amazon fulfillment warehouses? 

An independent specialist can provide all the assistance you need to navigate the world fulfilled by Amazon with ease. With more than 3,000 professional Amazon FBA advisors available to hire through Guru offering almost 4,000 services, this FAQ guide is designed to help businesses extract maximum value from their FBA consultants and achieve the best results for their Amazon product listings.

What Is an Amazon FBA Specialist?

FBA, short for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon,’ is often a fantastic opportunity for brands to scale, attract new customers, and establish credibility for their business in this vast global marketplace, but using Amazon fulfillment effectively can be complex. It can be challenging to know how the process works, project sales demand, and handle the product listing management it requires.

Freelance consultants work with an FBA seller on a range of Amazon tasks and ongoing projects, such as:

  • Setting up Amazon fulfillment for their e-commerce store

  • Assessing their likely sales and costs associated with FBA

  • Managing the logistics of FBA inventory top-ups and tracking

  • Monitoring FBA stocks, sales, and business forecasts

  • Dispatching new consignments on demand

Amazon provides varied tools, analysis functions, and features, but smaller businesses and those without the time to invest in learning the FBA system can quickly become stuck, with spiraling costs and non-compliance or late product delivery fees. One prime example is in the labeling and packaging of FBA consignments, which must adhere to strict rules around dimensions, barcodes, SKUs, and ASINs–an experienced FBA advisor can set your systems up to keep everything running smoothly. With experienced consultants, you can trust that your account will be properly managed and stay in compliance with Amazon requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Amazon FBA Expert?

The primary benefit of hiring a freelance Amazon consultant is that you can hand-select the consulting services you'd like to work with based on budgets, availability, and expertise. Freelance Amazon FBA consulting services often have years of knowledge and work on an ad hoc basis, whether you need advice for a one-hour project or would like to hire a consultant for a series of Amazon account tasks.

As a seller, you can create job listings detailing exactly what you need to narrow down your choices to one or two consultants with the knowledge and skills required to achieve your FBA business goals. Although there are varied paid-for and free online courses, it can take months, if not years, to familiarize yourself with the number of functions and features within the Amazon fulfillment system, and an FBA professional will know what you need to do to use FBA to your advantage. Your FBA assistant can help save you time and money by managing your Amazon listing profile and shipping account.

How Much Does an FBA Specialist Cost?

Our network of Amazon FBA advisors is broad and multi-skilled, so you can decide whether you would benefit most from hiring a top-level expert in all things FBA or simply need somebody with sufficient knowledge of FBA listing rules to transition your product pages over. No matter what kind of consulting services you are looking for, you can find the right FBA coach and assistant with the expertise you need on Guru.

As a rough indication on the cost of FBA Amazon consulting services, you might expect to pay average rates of:

  • $10 per hour and above for junior Amazon FBA consultants

  • $40 to $50 per hour for intermediate and experienced consultancy

  • $200+ an hour for advanced FBA specialists with strong expertise and a precise understanding of how Amazon listings and promotions work

While it may feel pricey to hire consultants, it's significantly cheaper than hiring a digital marketing agency. A lot depends on your business goals, but a freelance advisor offers excellent value for money compared to hiring an in-house FBA sales manager and will work to your schedule to achieve your product deliverables. You can also opt to hire an FBA expert for specific tasks, such as creating a long-term strategy or analyzing your business opportunities for growth, alongside one-off activities or administrative tasks to free up your time to focus on your business. Consultants can handle anything from account management and product listing to wholesale inventory and brand strategy.

What Should a Business Look for in Freelance Amazon FBA Services?

The core requirement when selecting any Amazon FBA expert is experience in setting up FBA listings, managing inventory backfills and shipping logistics, and creating detailed, engaging, and high-ranking product descriptions. FBA can be advantageous, where Amazon receives stock into varied national warehousing facilities based on demand, forecasts, and popularity, but it remains your responsibility to generate the sales volumes necessary to upscale your business. Growing your business requires marketing and advertising expertise to increase product sales 

Therefore, you may want to look for FBA experts with both a marketing and technical background, able to configure products and inventory to meet Amazon quality standards while optimizing listings and content to hit high-volume keywords and marketplace search terms, through quality product descriptions with music, videos, animation, or other engaging elements. Other attributes to look for include exceptional attention to detail, fast and efficient data entry, and the capability to troubleshoot or unpick FBA reports to identify where the business can make improvements or correct shipping errors. It is also crucial that you can trust the consulting services with your business and product sales.

How Do I Write a Job Description for a Talented Amazon FBA Advisor?

The content of your job description is important because it communicates the level of experience, budget, and time commitment you’d like to inject into your FBA projects; a clear consulting job description also ensures you attract the right freelancers to send you a proposal.

Every Amazon consulting job description on Guru can be customized to your requirements, but we suggest adding as much detail as possible for clarity, including:

  • A job title that summarizes what you'd like your FBA consultant to do, for example, 'Amazon FBA advisor to set up and launch a new storefront' or 'FBA expert to create 100 compatible ASINs for existing product SKUs’

  • A more in-depth project description to outline the scope of the work, how long you expect the project to take, an indication of your budget, and any specific requirements in terms of experience with your product range, brand, or sector

  • Responsibilities you’d like the FBA freelancer to take over, such as uploading new products, optimizing listings and keywords, or handling the logistics interface to ensure inventory levels are sufficient to meet demand. If you are looking for a consultant with digital marketing or advertising expertise, be sure to include that here in the description

If you are unsure what tasks will be most effective in improving your FBA sales results, you can also invite proposals from Amazon FBA experts who can provide an audit of your current processes to recommend new ways to leverage the FBA advantage to reach more customers. A good consultant will mentor you and help you develop a winning strategy for your product listing portfolio.

As always, Guru projects can be entirely handled through our online services marketplace, including secure messaging with and payment to consultants. Review thousands of prospective Amazon freelancers with reviews, ratings, and comprehensive profiles to make informed decisions for your FBA business. As a seller, you need to have full transparency and control over your business and that's what we offer you.


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